How Excuses Obstruct Your Weight Loss Process (Part 1)

Excuses (1)“It’s in my genes.” “I can’t afford it.” “I don’t have time.” “I have an incurable disease.” “It’s impossible.” “I’m too old/too young.” “It’s too hard.” “I can’t.” “I’m not strong enough.” “It runs in the family.” “I’m not fat, I have a large bone structure.” “I don’t have enough willpower.”

These are all excuses that keep you from reaching your weight loss goals and living a healthy and fulfilled life.

But are they true? 

They are not. All excuses are untruths and misalignments. They are just that: excuses. Excuses are never based on the truth but on what currently feels convenient. 

Excuses (3)Everything we do or don’t do in life is a choice. The unhealthy lifestyle is a choice, just as surely as the healthy lifestyle. Who can change our lives, if not us? We have been given everything we need to live the life we feel deep inside that we are meant to live. 

Underestimating ourselves is not really a compliment to our creator. 

No matter how overweight you are, no matter how ill you are, no matter how old you are, no matter how tired you are, no matter how little money you have…there is a way out of your current weight situation. But never forget one thing, you have to show up. You have to take the driver’s seat. You have to be on your own health and weight loss team. Without your collaboration, no one on earth can ever help you to become better. You could have the best weight loss coach on earth, yet she couldn’t help you if you don’t show up.


The effect of excuses

When you are using excuses like “I’m too old,” “I’m too sick,” “I’m too tired,” or “I can’t afford it,” you are saying nothing else but that this Universe is not working, that it’s not perfect enough, that it has flaws, that the Creator has made mistakes. Well, could it be that – just maybe – we are the ones who are making the mistakes? 

Excuses are nothing less than limitations that prevent us from changing anything in our lives for the better. Excuses enable things to remain as imperfect and bad as they are. They make us feel weak, little, unfit and unable. They make us feel like victims. Excuses are the greatest dream killers there are. They make us un-free. We create limitations for ourselves that do not even exist, and thus build a cage around ourselves. We literally lock ourselves up.

“We have more ability than will power, and it is often an excuse to ourselves that we imagine that things are impossible.” –Francois de la Rochedoucauld

Excuses (3)By using excuses and believing in them, we are unable to live our life’s purpose. When we are on purpose, our inner guidance shows us step by step what we have to do. But when we are using excuses, we not only cannot see these steps, we are unable to take them because we are limiting ourselves. A life of purpose is not possible as long as we use excuses. 

Then our excuses, or at least our willingness to believe them, are happily used by those who intend to manipulate us. They tell us that it’s all our fault that we haven’t been able to lose weight yet, that we’ll be forever unable to lose weight, we’ll be fat for the rest of our lives, and poor to boot, etc. This is how we can be manipulated. Of course, they will offer the ‘appropriate’ answers or cures, and this is seldom cheap. The more we allow these people to infiltrate us with fear, the more easily we can be manipulated, and the more they can benefit from us financially. 

All too often we forget that all the answers are within us. As soon as we realize who we are and recognize that we have been given all the power we need in order to change our lives, to attain and maintain a slim and healthy body, miracles can happen. And they do happen.

“Truth be told, you really don’t give a hoot about what somebody else ‘can’t’ do. But hey, guess what? Nobody wants to hear any of your excuses either. That’s right; nobody cares about what you can’t do. N-O-B-O-D-Y.” –Greg Hickman

“I can’t”

The excuse “I can’t” is very widespread – and it is a lie. Of course, we do not lie purposefully, but we use it subconsciously in order not to have to take a leap of faith and challenge our self-made limitations. If we listen deep inside ourselves we find out that it is not that we are not able or capable of doing something, but that we do not want to. The explanation “I can’t” is used too easily and too often. And the problem is that we start believing it ourselves……sort of. Of course, deep down, we know that this is not true. 

Believing that you are overweight because you have a large bone structure is exactly the same as saying “I can’t.” It’s like saying, “It’s not in my hands whether or not I’m going to lose weight,” “I can’t change my habits in order to lose weight,” “I can’t exercise,” “I can’t live a healthy lifestyle,” “I can’t quit smoking,” “It can’t be done,” “I can’t eat healthy,” “I can’t do without my coke.” 

Only when you listen carefully to other people’s excuses will you realize how ridiculous they really are. But we are far more tolerant of our own excuses. By believing that we “can’t,” and that weight loss is difficult, we are destroying our lives – nothing more and nothing less. It is not the overweight that is killing us. It is our own belief system and the excuses we make day in and day out. 

By telling ourselves or others that we can’t, we limit ourselves tremendously. We’ve known for decades that human potential is simply enormous and that most people use less than 10% of their brain capacity. We have absolutely no idea what we might be capable of. How can we say “I can’t,” when we haven’t yet tried out all the possibilities? Likewise, how can we state that it’s impossible to lose weight since we have not yet turned every stone? 

Recently I received an email from a free member and she asked me why she should pay for my  Membership Program. She went on to tell me that she has been searching for solutions for 3 years and that she has already spent thousands of dollars. Guess what! Maybe she has to spend 3 more years and thousands of dollars more until she will find her answer. It took me 13 years and thousands of dollars to find the answer to my weight problem.

Yes, sometimes we come to the point where we get tired and discouraged. That is okay. It is part of life. But just because we have not yet found the answer we are looking for does not mean that we should give up. The problem, however, with this lady is that she is standing in front of a door that could give her the answers she is so desperately looking for, and she does not even realize it. She has arrived and is not able to see it. Why? Because the concept “I can’t,” “nobody can help me” and “I’ve tried everything and nothing worked” currently is stronger than the awareness that the answer is right in front of her nose. 

Excuses (4)I’m not blaming this reader or anybody else. It is not my job to judge or to criticize. We have all been there. We all have our blind spots. 

The truth is, there is nothing in the whole Universe that could not be solved, as long as we act within the Universal Law. We literally live in a limitless Universe. There is no limit to healthy foods, there is no limit to money, there is no limit to beauty, there is no limit to perfection……Limits have been overcome in history over and over again. 

So our response to challenges should not be “I can’t,” but HOW can it be done?” This shift in attitude suddenly opens doors and new possibilities we have never seen before. 

If you’re ready to stop the excuses and start changing your bad habits, check this out. This is a free teleclass about how to replace fattening habits by healthy, slimming ones.

(Part 2 will be published in one of our next issues)

What Bertha’s Garden Has to Do With Your Weight Loss Success

Enjoying the harvest

Enjoying the harvest

Here is the story of Bertha, the figure I use often in my books because I think that her weight loss story is extraordinary and can inspire many of my readers.

Bertha is a 55-year old woman who became obese during the time of a severe personal famine. At some point of her life she was robbed and lost everything she had, including her last dollar in the pocket. During that time all she had was some flour, so she was lucky enough to bake her own bread what really saved her life.

Unfortunately that much bread eaten over months – as at it later turned out, over years – was not received well by her body and as a perfectly slim person she began to gain weight very fast. Although she only had 4 slices of bread with nothing on it per day, her weight literally exploded. Within only two months she had two dress sizes more, although she was starving.

By the way, this is proof that you can eat very little, but if you eat the wrong food – food that is wrong for your body – you can gain tremendous amounts of weight. Bread may not have had such a terrible effect on another person, but Bertha is a blood type 0, and for her bread was really the worst choice of all. Of course, in that situation it was still life saving for her and better than nothing.

To make a long story short, for years she remained in poverty and was forced to eat poorly what got her obese within only a few years. Twice a year she needed a new dress size. All that time Bertha knew that eating healthy would be the solution for her dilemma. She knew perfectly well how she could lose that extra fat, but she didn’t have the means to afford a healthy lifestyle.

For the coming years she wished, and hoped, and tried, and did everything within her limited means to change the situation on several levels. She visualized a fertile garden full of healthy vegetables, yet nothing happened. That situation lasted 18 years.

There were many situations when Bertha wanted to give up and accept what seemed to be the obvious.

A few months ago Bertha hit a new low point. She had to move because she couldn’t sleep where she lived but hardly had the energy to look for a new place, let alone to pack and move. That was a moment when she once again reflected on her life. She realized that at the current situation she had pretty much just one way to go: down. She felt trapped and had no idea what else she could do to change her terrible situation.

She was desperate for more energy and realized that gigantic storage of “fuel” in her body that – once released and properly burned – could give her a tremendous energy boost. That was the moment when Bertha made such a strong decision to do whatever it takes to burn that extra fat and change her life completely. She swore that she would do whatever was necessary to get her slim…and she meant it. For her it was now or never. 

That was the magic moment for Bertha, and to this day she can’t believe how much has changed since.

Suddenly, a friend of her decided to give her $200 every month for healthy food until she would be in a better situation.

Soon after she found the apartment of her dreams that came with a half-an-acre backyard. With the money from her friend she immediately purchased organic seeds and started her own garden with vegetables, greens, herbs, berries and fruits. Only a few months later she can now harvest all kinds of salads, herbs, peas, and soon she will pick her first zucchini. That little yard is everything she needs to feed her almost all year round with the best and healthiest organic food once things begin to grow.

To fully understand the miracle, you need to know that Bertha lives in a country where most people are forced to rent apartments because there is not much space for all the people. Having your own yard is usually only possible for those with more money. Because there is so little land in her country, land is a luxury only the rich and wealthy can afford. And of course we know that Bertha is far from being rich, yet in a way she is wealthy now with her garden that provides her with everything she needs in the best possible quality without needing much money.

Since she moved she sleeps much better what gives her more energy. The daily work in the garden builds muscles and she is outdoors several hours every day, enjoying fresh air.

All this happened only within a few months where one homerun followed the next. From the hind side – and knowing how Bertha was living for 18 years before that – this is a miracle. She can hardly believe it, and everybody around her can hardly believe it.

She is finally eating more and healthier. She sleeps more. Her exercise is working in the yard every day. She is quickly moving toward living a healthy lifestyle.

And here is the best news.

Drum rolls please…..

Since then Bertha has lost a whopping 19kg/41lbs.

Remember, she is eating more, she is sleeping more, and she is enjoying her backyard and the outdoors. That’s pretty much everything she has changed. No more starving, no counting calories, no restrictions, no puffing and huffing at the gym…

This is the MAGIC of a strong intention. All it takes is a firm decision.

This is a vital part of everybody’s weight loss success. Without that you lack the foundation for your success…and this step has to be taken at the beginning. Once you have that, it will literally carry you through the whole process; and what once was hard and difficult becomes now easy and effortless.

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” — William H. Murray

In my 30-Day Triple Power Weight Loss Challenge: Habits the participants learn to make such a firm decision and to feed their intention at the beginning of the program. Then, within 30 days we eliminate as many inner and outer obstacles as possible, change bad, fattening habits and learn new and healthy ones. For those with a strong determination these 30 days are everything they’ll ever need to turn their weight issues around forever. If you want to learn more, please check out this site:

How to Quickly Eliminate Fattening Habits & Turn Them Into Slimming Habits

habits to lose weight, weight loss habits


How To Eliminate Bad Habits

Every change, including losing weight, comes with a price tag.

happy slim woman

It is not always easy. It is not always pleasant. If it would be easy and pleasant we would all be perfectly healthy and slim. But changing habits is certainly necessary if you want to enjoy a long and healthy life with as little pain as possible and with a beautiful slim body. Just think about the rewards you will get. Imagine how you will look and feel like once you will be slim. This vision will help you to hold firm through your habit changing process.

Brain scientists say that if we want to eliminate a negative habit, then we will have to leave it out for at least 21 days without fail. After three weeks it will become easier to apply it, and soon after it will be normal and easy to do, and you will have formed a new habit. All you have to do is just getting over the first 21 days. Once you have passed those successfully, the rest will be easy and it will not cost you any energy to keep the new positive habit or to do without the negative, fattening habit.

The longer you do without a negative behavior the easier and more automatic it will become. After a few months you will not have to think about it anymore and you will hardly miss the old habit. And soon you will start feeling a difference in your weight even if you didn’t do anything else for your weight loss.

Sometimes it’s easier to get rid of a bad habit when we replace it by a positive one. For instance, if you want to eliminate soda pop, you can replace it by good-quality water. Or, if you want to quit smoking, you could jog every day, and with each day you will be happier that you don’t smoke because you’ll realize how much easier breathing is.

bad habits, weight loss habits, habits for weight lossMy client Nancy had a big problem with potato chips. Every evening she and her husband ate a large bag of chips (or probably more than one). Nancy was ready to stop that fattening behavior, but her husband wasn’t, although both were obese. He didn’t mind being so fat that he could hardly move, and he didn’t mind his wife being fat. He just insisted to have his potato chips while watching TV. And that is already more than a habit – it is an addiction.

Nancy was willing and ready to change that terrible habit, but she didn’t know how to be strong enough to let her husband eat all the chips alone. So I recommended her to make healthy chips for herself until she’d be ready to be completely without. And that helped. The steps were to replace the fattening habit with a very similar but a healthy version firsst. Then in a second step she learned through some behavioral modifications not to eat between the meals at all, and then she began to lose weight even without a diet.

No matter how hard such a habit-change may be at the beginning, being in such a stressful habit costs much more time, energy and most of the time also money.

In my first article of this Weight Loss Habit trilogy I promised you to share with you an under-used habit-hack for easier weight loss. Earlier I mentioned the 21-day rule. That rule says that whatever we do for 21 consecutive days without fail will become a habit within these 3 weeks. I tried it many times and it works.

One of the biggest problems regarding habit change is that most people go on a diet and are supposed to eliminate ALL their bad habits at once. And soon they develop withdrawal symptoms because many of these foods contain addictive substances. And because nobody has such a strong willpower they soon give up.

But what if I told you that it’s easier by simply eliminating or replacing one fattening habit after the other? You may argue that you want to lose your weight faster. But how is losing weight faster if you will fall back into your old habits very soon and then gain your lost weight back? Since when is going 1 step forward and 2 steps back faster?

Using the 21-Day principle requires much less will power than any diet. You decide to simply change 1 single habit and consequently stick to it for the following 21 days. This simple step reduces the required willpower drastically.

21 days are a relatively short time during which even a person with lessittle will power can stay on track. It’s forseeable. It’s long enough to make a significant difference and short enough to follow through with it. 

Like promised in my first article of this series I have created a tool for you, the Weight Loss Habit Hack: A Simple Way To Turn Fattening Habits Into Slimming Habits.

In there I explain how the 21-Day principle works and I give you practical tips and tricks how to make it a success for you. By adding one 21-day habit hack after the other you begin to make changing habits and achieving goals a habit. And you begin to make losing weight and keeping it off a habit

In a few months from now you’re going to wonder why changing habits could have ever been hard for you. 

Click here to download your Weight Loss Habit Hack Tool.


[Part 1: How Bad Habits Occur & How to Change Them]

[Part 2: 9 Fattening Habits & How to Replace Them With Slimming Habits]



9 Fattening Habits to Eliminate First for Sustainable Weight Loss

habits to lose weight, weight loss habits

In my first of this 3-part article series I talked about will power and how habits occur. Today we are going to talk about the 9 most common fattening habits. Some of them you may not even realize as contributing factors. 


9 Fattening Habits To Get Rid Of First For The Sake Of Your Slim Body

One of the very most important and crucial things you want to avoid when you are overweight is:

adding more acidity and toxins to the load that you already have.

The real culprits are toxins and acidity. We have talked about this topic very in-depth in other occasions. So for today I don’t want to talk about acid and toxins. I just want to mention it because that’s what leads to weight gain. The poor habits lead to an accumulation of more acids and toxins – toxins and acid inevitably lead to weight gain and prevent you from losing it for good.

By avoiding the following 9 things you can be sure that you won’t make things worse than they already are through your bad habits. And eliminating them leads to direct and to indirect weight loss.

Many times weight gain goes along with toxic stress and mental stress (negative thinking). The good news is that we can get a handle on both. Both are entirely in your own hands and your own responsibility and thus also in your own power.

Weight issues therefore are always in your own hands. Being overweight calls for a change of your habits – ALWAYS. 

The 9 most important negative habits to eliminate for the sake of a slim, healthy, and vibrant body are:

  1. Weighing
  2. Counting Calories
  3. Soft drinks
  4. White flour
  5. Refined sugar
  6. Artificial sweeteners
  7. Low fat and ‘lite’ products
  8. Smoking
  9. Fighting your weight


1.) Weighing

weight loss, weighing, habit of weighing, weight loss habits It’s a natural law that the more we focus on weight, the more our weight will stubbornly remain or even increase. Whatever you focus on, you will attract AND increase. If you focus on your extra weight, you will get more extra weight. If you focus on what you’re not allowed to eat, you will find yourself craving more of exactly that food.

If you want to not only lose a few pounds but also keep your weight off, you have to stop focusing on what you don’t want and, instead, start focusing on what you do want. Therefore one of the first negative habits to quit is weighing. In my courses and workshops my participants are not allowed to weigh. This is a crucial part of your long-term weight loss success. I know most overweight people are afraid that if they don’t weigh, their weight will go through the roof. This can only happen, if you continue with your old poor habits. And without changing some of the habits the weight will go up anyway, whether or not you weigh. And it will bounce back after each diet.  


2.) Counting Calories

calorie counting, habit of counting calories, weight loss habitsIn several of my videos I talked about why counting calories is nonsense. So I don’t want to get into detail here. All I want to say is, please consider that calories are not equal. Calories only show how fast a particular food can be burned in a pot. But your body is not a pot. Your body needs a lot of vital nutrients.

It should be obvious to you that the quality factor regarding food is much, much more important than the quantity factor. For example, it’s impossible to get fat if you eat too much salad.

Counting calories puts your focus on weight gain and not on your goal. Therefore it has the same effect on your brain like weighing.

So stop counting calories. This alone can save you a lot of time – time you can use to go for a walk, for instance. Instead simply follow your common sense and eat healthy.


3.) Soft Drinks

Ice ColaI cannot emphasize enough just how important it is to avoid all soda pop. If you have any form of rheumatism, arthritis, weight problems, cellulite, stiffness, or disease (or if you simply want to remain healthy) then you cannot afford to drink any soft drinks, because they are very acidic and loaded with toxins. And it doesn’t matter if they contain sugar or not, not even when they contain so-called natural sweeteners. You really should strictly avoid them. If I were you, I would not allow any exceptions here. Soft drinks make your body more acidic and this is exactly what you absolutely cannot afford to have. As long as you drink any kind of pop it’s close to impossible to lose weight. In fact, you may continue to gain weight. And diet pop has been proven to be worse than regular pop. I know dozens of people who only lost weight by simply following this one recommendation and nothing else. Ignore this point to your own peril.


4.) White Flour

bakery goods with white flourWhite flour and any product that contains some of it are acid-forming and thus force your body to create fat in order to store the acid away in your soft tissue where it can do the least harm. By avoiding it and any bakery goods containing white flour, you help your body tremendously. Although we need carbohydrates, we do not need these kinds of carbs, and we don’t need as much as we have been told.

Also, we do not need any cereals at all. Actually our stomach is not even made for digesting cereal. We don’t have a four-chamber stomach like cows and horses do. Especially avoid all boxed cereals. They are made with a process called “extrusion” which creates toxic byproducts.

My suggestion: If you absolutely have to have bread, buy products containing organic whole grain rye flour such as European-style rye bread. It has a higher nutritional value, and although it’s more expensive, you need less of it, and therefore save money.


5.) Refined Sugars

refined sugarWhite refined sugar is something our body can hardly deal with and we really do not need any of it. It’s highly acidic and very detrimental. When we eat sugar we are literally asking for trouble. Our body is constructed to build sugars from healthy, untreated carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables). Give your body enough of them and you will not miss refined sugar at all. If you want to, you can replace white sugar with stevia, xylothol, local raw honey or pure maple syrup. They are not only healthier, but also taste much better.

Now, avoiding white sugar also means to avoid any prepared foods that contain it. Don’t eat any prepared and processed food at all. That way you will not only eat healthier but also save a lot of money at the same time. 


6.) Artificial Sweeteners

artificial sweetenersAlthough artificial sweeteners do not have any calories; that does not mean that they are harmless or helpful for your weight loss. They are highly toxic and our body has very difficult time getting rid of them. They simply add up in our body.  So just in case, while reading our last paragraph, you thought that you are smart and use artificial sweeteners, stop and think again.

The toxicity of aspartame is not the only problem.

Did you know that artificial sweeteners are used to fatten pigs before they are slaughtered? Probably not. Yes, they are used for pigs because – are you sitting down? – because they increase the appetite. It’s been proven in scientific studies that the people who used artificial sweetener in lemonade ended up eating more food than those who drank sugar-sweetened lemonade, because it stimulated their appetites. Unless you want to gain weight, I do not think that this would be desirable for you. If you want to sweeten anything there are plenty of healthy and tasty natural alternatives available. I personally prefer xylothol as number one choice.


7.) Low-Fat and ‘Lite’ Products

Low-fat_Quote_1I have already said earlier that we should only eat products that are not prepared in any way. That means fresh. Any products that are low-fat contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, or some other artificial substances that pollute your body. They are not harmless. Some can affect your health badly. Plus they add to the acidity and therefore force the body to gain weight instead of losing it.

If you’re serious about losing your weight for good, for you the ‘diet‘ really is to only use fresh food: organic vegetables, herbs, vegetables juices, and fruits; whole grain cereals you cook yourself (in moderation and only if you’re not gluten intolerant); meat and eggs from grass-fed, free-range, organically fed animals; wild caught fresh water fish; organic virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and water. As soon as food goes through any preparation process it is not as valuable anymore and in many cases “enriched” with substances your body cannot deal with at all. It stores these substances primarily in your fat cells. A very welcome extra benefit of cooking from scratch is that it will save you a lot of money.  

I know it’s very convenient and once or twice a month I buy some ravioli in bags, but they just don’t taste good anymore. I found out that cooking healthy and from scratch can take as little as 5-15 minutes. Besides, you can cook large quantities and freeze some portions for a later use. It’s really all about changing habits.


8.) Smoking

smokingIf you’re a smoker, I believe that to quit smoking is the greatest favor you could do yourself and your body and especially when your body is already so acidic that you are overweight.

If you are a smoker you have no idea how much this harms your body, otherwise you would not do it. When you are overweight your body is already too acidic and loaded with toxins, waste, fat, heavy metals, and old stored-up water. There are enough toxins and heavy metals in the air, in the soil, in the water and in the food. You really don’t need or want any more of them through anything avoidable like smoking.

I was a chain smoker over 20 years ago, and my biggest fear was to gain weight after quitting, but I didn’t. So that fear was completely useless.

9.) Fighting Your Weight

weight loss, women weight loss, weight loss habitsFighting against something has the exact same effect like focusing on the negative – it IS a form of focusing on the negative. And whatever you focus on you increase.

By fighting against your weight you’re losing precious energy you would otherwise need for your weight loss success – for what you really want. By fighting against the current situation you give up your power and make yourself feel weak and powerless. And worst of all, it’s getting you nowhere.

So these are 9 of some of the most detrimental fattening habits I want to encourage you to eliminate or replace by positive habits. We are going to eliminate more of them in my upcoming 30-Day Triple Power Weight Loss Challenge – Habits

In my third and final article of this trilogy I’m going to talk about how to eliminate bad, fattening habits in an easier and faster way – a way that requires far less will power than any diet you may have followed. In that article I’m going to give you a link where you can download my Weight Loss Habit Hack Tool.

[Weight Loss Habit – Part 1]

Part 3 of this Weight Loss Habits Trilogy will follow soon. Please watch out.

A Little Known Habit-Changing Weight Loss Hack that Reduces Your Waist Line…with No Willpower and No Diet! – Part 1

habits for weight loss, habits that lead to weight gain, weight loss habits


Will power for weight loss is highly overrated!

Will power is not the solution to lasting weight loss. But how could thate myth that losing weight requires tons of will power occur?

In my 31 years of coaching overweight women I can tell you that overweight women have more will power than they believe. They go on a diet two to three times a year, they fast, they starve, they crave, they weigh every day, they follow pretty much every advice they can get (no matter how much sense it makes), they lose weight and gain it back, they try again, count calories, weigh their food, purchase expensive diet products, cook two different meals, one for them and one for their families…and after they have gained the lost weight back they start all over again, year after year, until they are so disappointed that they stop trying.

So what is this? Will power. Tremendous will power.

Diets require insane will power. The sad truth is that you only need a lot of will power when you’re on the wrong weight loss path and when you don’t know how to use your inner power to achieve your goal.

But how about changing some really bad habits?

I don’t have to tell you how sticky bad habits can be and how bad habits can completely sabotage your weight loss success. So I have decided to show you a simple yet little used trick to replace fattening habits with positive and slimming habits easier. You CAN change poor habits without a ton of willpower. More about that in one of my next parts of this series.

The topics we are going to cover in this 3-part article series are:

  • …how you can eliminate the worst fattening habits and easily overcome some of the major stumbling blocks
  • …how to easily implement some very strong slimming habits that make losing weight easier and faster
  • …how to reduce the required willpower to achieve your desired weight goal easier and faster
  • …the 9 most common fattening habits
  • …and all that WITHOUT dieting 😉

So the topic of this 3-part article series is how to replace fattening habits with slimming habits without a lot of willpower…and without a diet.

First I want to ask you a provocative question.

Is being overweight really the result of bad habits or is it a habit in itself?

I’m going to answer that in a minute. First I want to share how bad habits can become bad habits.

Every day we make choices in our lives and they are not always helpful or beneficial. We make choices without even realizing that they are not the best for us. And when we get sick and overweight after a while we often wonder why. It may seem like undeserved or without a good reason. But it never is. Every condition in our life we have attracted through thousands and thousands of conscious or subconscious choices we have made in the past.

When we start looking at our habits honestly we suddenly realize that not all of them are good and helpful. But first let us look at how habits can occur: the good ones as well as the negative ones.

Whenever we see, hear, experience, say, think, feel or imagine something, our brain immediately registers that information and it will be stored in our subconscious mind as a FACT, no matter whether it’s true or not. The more such information is repeated, the more it becomes a pattern, then a habit and finally reality…without fail. This is true for negative as well as for positive habits.

This is a very important function of the brain, because your subconscious mind takes over and does the things you do repeatedly so that your brain is free to deal with new and unexpected situations. If we would have to think about everything we do during any given day we would get crazy or at least have a nervous breakdown.

weight loss, thinking patterns, weight loss habitsThe same is true with our thoughts and feelings. When we repeat the same thoughts and feelings over and over again, the subconscious mind will take over after a while and bring the outer results automatically without us realizing how this could happen. This is a great mechanism, but also has consequences for us we do not really want nor appreciate.

For instance, if you think mainly about being overweight, diets, how food can make you fat, how much you hate your body as it is, you will eventually gain more weight. You then think again about being overweight and you will experience the symptoms accordingly. This thinking and feeling and remembering about your weight becomes so automated after a certain time that you do not even realize what you are actually doing and creating for your life. And the more often you repeat certain thoughts and behaviors, the more your thinking just gets on “auto-pilot” and several aspects are repeated like a CD that is played over and over again without you even noticing because it became so normal.

As a matter of fact overweight people think about their weight all the time. They just have become so used to it that they do not even realize their thinking anymore. And the thinking and feeling about their weight moves to a more subconscious level. If you think mainly about your weight, you will eventually have weight issues…and more and more of them.

It also works pretty much the same with the food we eat, just on the physical level. Our body creates enzymes to digest the food we eat regularly, and it stops creating enzymes for food we never or seldom eat. That’s why we often tend to think that the unhealthy food we so like were better for our body than the healthy alternatives. Of course, it’s not, but our bodies simply found a way to deal with these unhealthy or toxic substances. And when we change our poor eating habits to healthy eating, it takes our body a while to get used to food it never had before and start creating those digestive enzymes again.

So we can really say that being overweight in itself is a bad habit – it has become a habit of our thinking, feeling, acting and even the body. That’s one big reason why losing weight and keeping it off can be so darn hard. It has become automated.

The bad habit of being overweight is not only in the eating, drinking and exercising, but also in the thinking, behaving, and feeling. One of my former participants used to enter her gate of the yard side-wise even long after she had lost all her excess weight what, of course, created a new reality for her.

The good news is that habits can be changed. And that process is quite simple, not always easy yet simple. Some habits can be changed quickly and easily, and for other habits it takes longer and more determination.

In one of my next parts of this article series I’m going to talk about a habit hack that makes changing bad habits and implementing new ones easy with  much less will power. In the next part I’m going to talk about 9 of the worst fattening habits.

[Watch out. Part 2 will come soon!]


The Best Weight Loss Advice You Could Get

Stop Dieting

Recently, I read an email from one of the well-known weight loss “experts”, and almost every sentence of that email was copied.

A couple of years ago, I created a teleseminar called “7 Reasons Why Diets Fail – And What to Do Instead”. That diet and weight loss “expert” now offers a “breakthrough” program with the exact same title, except that he added the word “almost”…why “…almost all diets fail – and what to do instead”. What he is suggesting is that all diets fail but his.

Can you call that a “breakthrough”? That’s nothing new. That’s exactly what every diet coach promotes just in a different package. 

There is still the false hope that one day, someone was going to find the right diet that would help the whole 70% of overweight and obese population in the Western world to lose all the extra weight forever. Just think about it, if there was just one diet that worked, there wouldn’t be a single overweight person left on the whole planet. Such information would have spread to the most remote place in the world.

We have to face it, not even the newest diet is new. Every ‘new’ diet we hear about is an old diet with a new name and label.

This is the reason the whole non-diet movement has really taken hold. Thank goodness people are becoming more aware of the diet myth. Did you notice that suddenly some diet companies begin to call their diets a ‘lifestyle plan’? A lot of diet companies are now trying to jump on the non-diet bandwagon. Although this is a sign that the fact that diets don’t work is beginning to sink into people’s heads, it is making it even harder to find the right answers.

Dieting experts realize that their approach doesn’t work anymore. And because they don’t have anything else to offer than just another diet or a slight twist to their existing diet method, they are trying to find new, nice words to replace the word “diet” and make you believe that what they offer is not a diet but a new method.

It is, indeed, a healthy lifestyle that will help you lose your extra weight in a healthy manner and for good, if you solve some inner issues at the same time. Just be aware that diet ‘experts’ call their diets a ‘healthy lifestyle’ when it really isn’t. As a consumer, you need to learn to see through these marketing tactics and distinguish what is the truth and what is just marketing.

So what is my best weight loss advice I have been giving thousands of my clients for the last 32 years? It’s…

Stop dieting!

You first have to stop doing what does not work before you can learn new ways that really work. Develop normal eating habits first. Give your body everything it needs to function well. Listen to your body. Cooperate with your body. Just do it the RIGHT way.

By following a diet, no matter how nicely the package is wrapped and labeled, you’re doing the exact opposite. You develop abnormal eating habits. You deprive your body from vital nutrients, which forces it to go into crisis mode. You have to overrule your body’s signals and what it’s trying to tell you. You work against your body’s own nature and literally force it to create more extra fat.

Anorexic bodyA healthily slim body looks never haggard and anorexic. The first sign that shows me whether someone is on a diet or on a healthy weight loss plan are the upper arms and the face. As soon as the arms look thin and the face starved, this is an alarm signal for me and proof that the particular person is on a diet and not on a healthy weight loss strategy. A healthy weight loss strategy gives you a nicely shaped body, you look healthy and radiant. 

What sense does a weight loss plan make when you look unattractive after you have lost your weight? Extremes never look attractive. Neither an overweight nor a starved body look nice. A good weight loss strategy makes you look healthy with nice and perfect body forms. And that can be achieved best without a diet. 

The diet approach not only burns fat but also muscles and makes you look like you’re skin and bones. These people look like they had just survived cancer. That doesn’t look attractive at all. That’s not what you want for yourself, and that’s not what I wish for you.

So my best advice I can give you today is this:

Stop dieting and start cooperating with your body!

By working with over 10,000 women, helping them to achieve their goals, I have found 52 possible causes of weight gain and yo-yo dieting so far. And I’m sure there are more causes. Of course, not every person has all 52+ causes…but every person has more than one.

Some of the most common causes are:

  • Toxic overload
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Need of protection
  • Emotional imbalance
  • Traumatic experiences
  • The inability to set healthy boundaries
  • Misconceptions

The easiest, fastest, and simplest way of attaining and maintaining a slim and healthy body is by finding and eliminating the effective causes. Once the causes are gone, there is no more reason for the body to hold on to its extra fat.

This may sound complicated. It’s not complicated, it’s just a little bit more complex than the lie that all you have Weight Loss Strategyto do were eating less and exercise more.

Please keep in mind that when you are on the wrong road, you will never get to your final destination, no matter how fast you walk, or even run…and no matter how disciplined you are. The wrong road is the wrong road is the wrong road.

On the other hand, when you’re on the right road, you will eventually get to your final destination, no matter how slow or fast you go. You could even crawl and you would get there.

The question you have to ask yourself now is, do you want to take detour upon detour by trying diets, pills, bariatric surgery, and other tactical things? Or are you willing to take into consideration that it might take a little bit more than just another diet and some exercise, and once you will have eliminated your personal effective causes, you will be done with it?

What is fast in losing, gaining, losing, and gaining some more…? It doesn’t get you anywhere. On the other hand, as soon as you’re willing to look at the real culprit and eliminate it, losing weight suddenly becomes easy and effortless.

There is no faster way of lasting weight loss I know of.

Keep in mind that the Universe follows the laws of nature, and so does your body.

Don’t Fall into the Comparison Trap

Comparison Trap  Do you look enviously at your slim friend?

Do you ever compare your friend’s weight loss progress with yours?

Do you ever think that others are losing weight much faster than you?

Although most people tend to compare themselves to others you shouldn’t do it. Comparison can slow down your weight loss process tremendously.

Comparison is a trap.

Because, whenever you lose the comparison game – which you almost always so – you beat yourself up. Self-criticism consequently follows comparison. It’s a game you can never win because you compare other people’s positive sides with your negative ones.

Especially women who have grown up with Barbie dolls subconsciously want to look like Barbie. Although nobody does look like a doll, many women are striving to look exactly like that. And if they can’t make it happen, they want their surgeon to “sculpt” them into that desired shape.

The reason why comparison is a trap is because it’s a game that can never be won by no one. It drives people to do stupid and unhealthy things. It drives people to exhaustion.

Would you believe me, if I told you that you are perfect just the way you look and are right now?

You are!

In case that you think that I have become insane to call you “perfect” since you obviously want or need to lose weight, hold on for a minute. There are two reasons why I believe you are perfect.

Reason #1:

Like everybody on earth you have a particular life purpose only you can fulfill. There is no one on this whole planet that has the same mix of talents, skills, and experiences as you have. That makes you unique. And the reason for your uniqueness is your individual life purpose.

We always come with the perfect kind and shape of body we need to fulfill our life Don't comparepurpose as good as ever possible.

Now I admit that, obviously, you have gained some weight. Otherwise you would not be reading this. And thus you feel like not being “perfect” anymore.

Although I totally get that you want to lose weight – and I’m doing everything in my power to help you achieve that goal – I still have to tell you that you’re perfect.

Reason #2:

Your body is a perfect organism with thousands of functions all perfectly orchestrated. And when you gain weight, there is a reason why your body feels that it needs to hold on to that extra weight instead of burning it. Your body would never keep some extra fat, if it was not in its/your best interest. Many times excess weight is simply life-saving.

Therefore: you are perfect just the way you are and look like.

Your body is doing a fabulous and great job. Your body is perfect in his functions.

And since we are all under the same natural laws, either all of us or none of us is perfect. Therefore there is no reason to compare.

By comparing yourself to other women and their weight loss process, you move your focus away from your goal. You become unsatisfied with your body. You begin to focus more on what is not good about you and your body, thus increasing exactly the things you don’t want.

You are just the best “You” you can currently be. If you could have done better, you would have done it. That doesn’t mean that your body can’t change.


…it can NOT change for as long as you’re comparing yourself with others.

If you really want to become better, slimmer, more beautiful and “more of” whatever, you have to begin appreciating all the good things about you and your body. If you want your body to cooperate with you in your weight loss journey, you first have to be very grateful to your body.

Stop hacking awaSuper Skinny y at your self-esteem. Stop that harmful negative self-talk. Instead look at those things that are beautiful. Stop blaming yourself for not being perfectly slim yet.

Give up guilt because it tethers you to the past. Simply decide to do it better this time. You have come to the right place where you can learn all those wonderful strategies for sustainable weight loss. Simply decide to move away from all those tactics that didn’t work for you and find a way that will assist you in your weight goals.

Now take a piece of paper and a pen, take a long and loving look into your mirror, and find at least 10 beautiful and positive things about your looks and your body. Write them down. Then take a minute to thank your body for its wonderful work it is doing day by day, minute by minute…for years.

To your beautiful you, no matter how well it’s currently being hidden!


The Universe Follows The Law Of Nature…So Does Your Body

The earth is flat 

The earth is flat 1Only a few hundred years ago people firmly believed that our earth was a disc and that they would fall off that disc if they sailed too far from the shore. And, of course, they had a very good reason to be so certain about that belief. They didn’ t see anything beyond the horizon.

Isn’t it then the most logical thing to believe that there was nothing beyond that horizon?

From our ancestor’s perspective it sure was. Today we tend to smile about such ignorance. Yet, in the same ignorance we believe other myths to be true.

Such a myth is, “All you have to do to lose your weight is eat less and exercise more.” This is the calorie in and out theory. And it makes total sense, doesn’t it? We have many reasons to believe it, and we certainly have had some ‘proof’ for that theory…just like our ancestors had to ‘proof’ to them that the earth was flat.

But is it true?

The earth is flat 5Or is it just another thing we tend to believe because we can’t see beyond the horizon?

Our ancestors had proof as well that the earth were a disc…or so they thought. And that ‘proof’ affirmed their theory over and over. It took several centuries to bring the truth about the fact that our earth is a globe to all corners of the planet and into the heads of all the people.

I love that quote, “Each era seems to have its own flat earth, a STRONGLY held belief that is now viewed as absurd. So hold your strong beliefs loosely creating space for evidence to change your mind.” (Author unknown)

You see, our earth, even the whole universe doesn’t care about what we believe. We are free to believe whatever we want. The universe doesn’t care. It simply continues to do its ’job’. And its job is nothing but fulfilling the will of its Creator. The strongest and firmest believe can’t change how our whole universe functions. Would it only move a millionth of an inch away from the Divine plan, our whole world would instantly fall apart. So thank goodness the universe doesn’t care about what we believe or do not believe.

The next thing to understand is that our body – being part of nature and the elements – is under the exact same universal laws like our planet and the whole universe. Our body is an intelligent being, and it does nothing else but following its Divine plan and the rules of nature. No matter whether you like it or not, it does nothing else but its job…like clockwork. And if accumulating extra fat is life-saving for you at the moment, then your body will do that because it is the lesser of two evils.

You may believe that the earth were a disc or that weight loss diets and pills would bring you the desired results. You can follow as many diets as you want. You can suck out that extra fat through liposuction. You can starve and take diet pills. You can run all day seven days a week. You can cut out half of your stomache. But your body couldn’t care less about what you believe and what you want. It is doing its job second after second, minute after minute, hour after hour, and day after day…24/7 and 365 days a year…year after year.

By the way, this alone would be a fantastic reason to be so grateful to your body. But since you’re reading this article, chances are that you’re not so happy with your body right now. Not yet. But you will eventually get there.

It’s the same like with the universe. If your body would only move a millionth of an inch away from its divine plan, you would instantly die and stop existing in this physical world. Seen in that light, can you blame your body for accumulating more fat than you would like to have or than fashion dictates?

What you must understand is that accumulating fat is a life-saving mechanism in the eyes of your body. The problem between you and your body is that you don’t understand what your body is doing. It’s not the body that needs to fulfill your wishes…it’s you who need to align with your body. If you want to lose your excess weight permanently, understanding your body and cooperating with it instead of working against it is part of your responsibility. And to explain you how is part of my job.

The process from believing that the earth were a disc to the realization that the earth is a globe took centuries. A paradigm shift was necessary before that truth could sink into the minds of all the people. But as soon as that paradigm shift took place that discovery has opened a whole new world to us with incredible new perspectives.

Did it make the world more complex? It sure did. But at the same time that discovery has instantly opened unbelievable chances, possibilities and opportunities. Our life has literally gained a new dimension.

No doubt, it would be far easier for all those that are struggling with excess weight to continue believing that their weight problem could be solved with a diet. Such a two-dimensional thinking is certainly easier than the truth. Although such a wish is more than understandable, it’s like believing that our earth were a disc.

Without a doubt it would be simpler and easier if lasting weight loss worked that way, but it does not. We all want to have life easy and simple. But, honestly, has any goal achievement process ever been easy? Sometimes, but it seldom is for the majority of us. Done correctly, it’s always simple, yet not always easy. 

Almost every woman that is challenged with excess weight has made the realization that such a problem can’t be solved with a weight loss diet. Somehow deep within we always knew it. But on the other had we really wish that things that sound too good to be true one day might become true.

The message I want to give you is:

You CAN lose your excess weight for good, if you do it right!

It sure is possible, no matter your current weight, age, or genetics.

happy womanMany women have achieved their permanent weight loss goals. And so can you. What it takes at this point is a mindset shift. Your body desperately wants to get rid of that extra fat, and it is only waiting for you to show up and do your part. So your body’s cooperation will be certain once you will have found the right route to go and once you’re ready to cooperate with your body.

Of course, those 10,000+ people who attended my seminars are still only a very small percentage compared to the millions and millions of people that are struggling with their weight. And why have only so few people realized the truth about lasting weight loss?

Because over 95% of overweight women are still hoping for that miracle diet or pill. Over 95% are hoping that there will one day come the ultimate weight loss diet that will solve their weight problem once and for all. Sadly, that day will never come, because it is not in the nature of diets to bring permanent results.

The first step is to let go of wishful thinking and the quick-fix mentality. Then, the next is to learn to listen to your body more closely. Your body knows better than any physician what it needs and how to heal itself. And your body knows best how to get rid of all that extra fat.

If you only listen…

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