Have you ever tried a diet, lost some weight and then gained it back?     

Have you gone from diet to diet, weight loss program to weight loss program, taken some weight loss pills or expensive supplements and still did not lose that extra weight for good?

Did you purchase expensive weight loss meals which promised that you would lose all the weight you need, and at some point, you realized that all you had lost was your hard-earned money but little or no extra weight at all?

The reason is that you have tried the wrong approach.

When you have the flu, you don’t take a pill to treat constipation to heal the flu.

If the gas in your car is low, you don’t inflate the tires to solve the problem.

If you want to grow beans, you don’t sow salad, hoping to harvest beans.

“That would be stupid!” you may think. And you’re right.

Yet that is exactly what millions of women do worldwide when they go on a weight loss journey. They try a path that has proven to be the wrong one many times. But at least once a year, those millions of weight-struggling women start another diet, naively hoping that the next one will work.

There are several reasons why these approaches don’t work. One of them is that they violate the laws of nature, and your body will never obey such a tactic.

However, the worst consequence for dieters is the following:

You decide to go on a diet, and you lose weight, but you either don’t lose enough and/or you gain the lost weight back. So, the weight loss process stops. And one day, you decide to start all over again with another diet or program. So, you lose a little and stop, or you even gain the lost weight back. Again, the process runs aground. So, you go from diet to diet and program to program, yet you never arrive at your final weight goal. This stop-and-go cycle repeats itself until you’re so tired or out of money that you decide to give up. You just never arrive. You can’t because something that’s essential in that approach is missing.

There are several problems with this path: First, you lose hope, faith and confidence, and consequently, your motivation. Second, each time the process didn’t work, you stopped and lost your momentum. Of course, with diets, you are forced to stop after a while, or you will become deficient in vital nutrients, and consequently, you would get ill. Sadly, that way, you could never gain MOMENTUM, and momentum is crucially important for every successful goal achievement process.

By the way, this is another success principle that regular dieters constantly ignore. Without momentum, you can’t achieve lasting weight loss, actually, you can’t achieve any great goal. With every diet you followed in the past, you gained a little bit of momentum, and then you stopped, and the momentum was gone.

Again, of course, it has to be the right path. With a diet, you can’t gain momentum because every diet is based on deprivation and in its wisdom, your body will not let that happen. Thank goodness!

Now, please ask yourself how many diets and weight loss programs you have followed in the past.

I’m sure you know the Albert Einstein quote, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

But like flocks of sheep, millions of women are just waiting to jump on the next new diet or get their hands on a secret weight loss pill. Some are even so desperate to get gastric surgery, causing themselves even more health problems and weight issues.

But what is the right weight loss strategy for you?

One that addresses you as a whole being – with body, mind, and spirit.


Because some of the root causes can be found on the physical level, some on the emotional level, others in your mindset, and still others on the subconscious level.

This is the new weight loss path – a maintainable weight loss strategy:

Here is what my clients do.

They go on a weight TRANSFORMATION journey. Since my clients have come to the realization that there is no shortcut, they decide to start out on a journey and STAY on that path until they reach their goal. This builds MOMENTUM!

For lasting weight loss, you need to start out on your journey and then STAY on that path until you achieve success and beyond to make sure that it is sustainable. And since you don’t go on a diet, you never lack any vital nutrients. You can go on and on for as long as your individual process will take without ever being deprived or having to starve.

That process can last anywhere between 6 months and a couple of years, depending on your current weight and your ability to let the process happen. One of the major advantages of my method is that you don’t lack anything, and you will not have these cravings that force you to eat two chocolate bars in one day and, in doing so, spoil the entire process. Since this isn’t a diet, there is no forbidden food. There is just healthy food and unhealthy food.


Archana, UK – “I am so thankful to be part of Angela Buhri’s programme because it’s a relief to finally find a programme that addresses weight loss in a holistic way, working on the 4 levels – physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual, rather than just focusing on the physical level as most other weight loss programmes do.

What I love about the programme is there is no mention of ‘dieting’ so no deprivation or restriction – hoorah! Instead the focus is on health and wellness.

30 days into the programme I am already seeing and feeling the benefits. I have more energy, I’m enjoying exercise and moving my body, and my waistline has reduced. Friends and family have also commented that I have lost weight and look more toned.

I highly recommend Angela B. because it’s about gradually introducing small lifestyle changes that have a huge impact on your overall health. The support and guidance from Angela is second to none. You will benefit so much from this programme so just go for it…. you will be so glad you did!!”

Since this is different from anything you have seen and heard so far, I do understand that you may want to get more information.

The good part about this is, since you’re still here reading this, you have most likely already found out that the dieting approach doesn’t work. Just in case you still want to hear more about my method, I recommend joining one of my free webinars.


Remember, in order to get different results, you will have to do something differently

You can go on and on with your own search for answers, or you can take advantage of my experiences of being a weight loss coach for 38 years and having worked with over 10,000 individuals like you.


Gerrie L., the NL – “I joined Angela’s program after having heard several of her other lectures. I had decided at the beginning of the year that this year I really had to take my health and weight in hand and get a grip on it. I have been overweight since I was a teenager and though I usually had good results with whatever kind of diet or method I tried, I always gained back the lost weight over the years, and a few kgs more. I was quite fed up with this and felt I had to go deeper than just another diet, and find the cause of this weight – not only on the physical level.

I lost 4 kgs during these 30 days without changing too much in my eating habits – just made them healthier and curbed a few wrong habits. Under Angela’s inspiring guidance I (re)acquired some new or lost habits and a lot of new insights. Each day I looked forward to Angela’s and I felt her attention all along, answering all my questions thoroughly and quickly. I especially enjoyed the weekly group calls. You feel Angela’s supportive and understanding attitude and because of her openness it is easy to open yourself to find out more about yourself.

Thank you, dear Angela, for setting me on this road to more and continuing weight loss to become my best self in all ways – grateful for what I learned and grateful for my body!” 

I hope to see you in one of my webinars where you can find out how my method can help you to achieve your desired weight goal for good.

Happy slimming!



Michele Kratochvil, USA – “Angela is a divine soul with much wisdom that she can share. There is so much information, knowledge and wisdom that she can provide for you and support you in. She creates a judgment free zone to explore blocks and allows deep internal shifts to occur. As the saying goes: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. If you are ready to have deep change…

Angela can be your teacher and guide and will support you in your change. “

“For me personally, even though I have already known some of the things she has shared, hearing them again…being encouraged to continue in these practices, even if they are small steps are valuable. Giving up is the only time we will be defeated… I just have kept on working each day, little by little and have seen subtle shifts in my awareness and willingness to keep on going. I now know that releasing the weight is possible as I continue on my emotional/spiritual/ and practical application of the things I have learned.“