Weight Loss Answers: Membership Program


By following the instructions, you will learn what is standing in your way to lasting weight loss and then create your own powerful and personalized weight loss strategy. 

Over the last 10 years, I have interviewed over two dozen weight loss experts who have each made some exciting experiences regarding maintainable weight loss. You’d be surprised to hear that each and every one of them is totally against weight loss diets. Instead, they have discovered some special and amazing elements that help women lose weight without dieting. 

One part of the truth is that there is a cause for everything. In the past, weight loss experts mistakenly thought that the only two causes were eating and a lack of exercise. Thus, millions of women had to go through the most ridiculous weight loss diets and regimens. 

Of course, as we all know, diets don’t work long-term. They only work for a short time, and then – according to statistics – you may gain 107% of the lost weight back…thus slowly and constantly growing in the wrong direction. 

This struggle has to end!

For that purpose, I have collected the best of these expert interviews and turned them into a membership program. 

Each month, you will receive another expert interview and workbook. You will be amazed by the truths these experts have found and are sharing so freely. You add those elements you need for your own process and leave out those that don’t apply. 

That way, you can lose weight from month to month by taking one baby step after the other. There is really not much work involved.


SheSlimEasy 90-Day Habit Transformation

Move From Yo-Yo Dieting to Making Your Weight Loss Process Easy, Fast, Healthy, Effortless, and Safe Now.

Turn your fattening habits into slimming habits and lose weight the easy way! 

Give your body an intensive 90-day habit overhaul for maintainable weight loss now!

  1. Learn how to transform your fattening habits into slimming habits. 
  2. Simple tricks to stop your habits from working against you, making them work for you and your weight loss instead. 
  3. Easy and simple steps that even fit into the busiest lifestyle. 
  4. Learn how to be in CONTROL of your habits and weight and how to win the weight loss gain every time.

Starting a new weight loss program without first taking care of your habits is like building a new house on sand. It will not work, and your weight loss will not be maintainable because your habits will always sabotage you and get in your way.

Your habits are literally on autopilot, and your brain uses them to always revert back as soon as you want to leave your old paths.

That’s the reason why willpower doesn’t work when it comes to habit change.  

What is required is habit TRANSFORMATION instead of more willpower!

Make habit your friend to create new habits that support your weight loss process.