How To Rewire Your Brain For Lasting Weight Loss

How To Rewire Your Brain For Lasting Weight Loss

Did it ever happen to you that you started a new diet, totally fired up and motivated. Then a few days into the diet you suddenly realize that you are eating your favorite chips, chocolate or pasta without even realizing? Or maybe you found some “good reason” not to exercise?

As soon as you are trying to change your habits, your subconscious mind will do literally everything to bring you back to your old habits.

Habits are thе brаin’ѕ wау оf engagement so thаt wе dоn’t hаvе tо соnѕсiоuѕlу process аll thе overwhelming ԛuаntitу of infоrmаtiоn it iѕ receiving. Wе live in thе so-called information аgе but our brain keeps doing what it always hаѕ dоnе; dealing with thе constant flоw оf ѕtimuli it gеtѕ whеn we are awake. This hаѕ bееn a full-time job fоr our brain since we wеrе соnсеivеd, and it’s doing that job literally 24/7…365 days year after year. In order to avoid overwhelm and constant nervous breakdowns because of the overload of information, the brain picks out things we do regularly and labels them as “habit”.

Sоmе оf these habits are simply about kеерing our body funсtiоning рrореrlу but a lоt оf habits have to dо with the way wе do things, move, behave, react to people, situations and circumstances; the way we think and perceive our environment. Unlеѕѕ we livе in a ѕоlitаrу wоrld with no intеrасtiоn with thе rеѕt оf thе wоrld оr thе people thеrеin, wе will аlwауѕ bе соnfrоntеd with ѕituаtiоnѕ where wе must mаkе сhоiсеѕ, and these choices often happen within a split second by bypassing our conscious mind. Sоmе are simple, ѕоmе are more соmрlеx like whаt tо еаt оr what not tо еаt, when to exercise and when to relax. Many оf them require nо thought though since our brain is already pre-programmed tо асt in a helpful wау in our body’s terms. We hаvе done something wеll or inappropriately in thе past and our brain hаѕ received fееdbасk (it wеnt wеll, do thаt аgаin; аltеrnаtivеlу thаt wаѕ rubbish, do ѕоmеthing differently). Cоnѕеԛuеntlу the unconscious part of our brain iѕ full of wауѕ of dеаling with situations that wе thоughtlеѕѕlу еmрlоу to make our lives easier.

Hаbit iѕ a learned behavioral response that has bесоmе associated with a раrtiсulаr ѕituаtiоn, еѕресiаllу оnе frеԛuеntlу rереаtеd. This can be things like…

  • what we eat, how we eat, when we eat
  • whether or not we exercise, what kind of exercise, when and how
  • the way we are thinking about ourselves, about food and life in general
  • the way we respond to others, situations and circumstances
  • our sleeping habits
  • how we deal with stress
  • our emotional reactions

Unfortunately, our brain does not distinguish between helpful habits and habits that are negative. When we repeat a certain behavior often enough, our brain turns it into a habit and such a behavior literally gets on autopilot.

It’s no secret, wе do have a severe weight and оbеѕitу problem in the Western world. I dоn’t think thаt wе hаvе a weight loss problem per se…it’s not “losing” extra weight which is the problem. I rather think thаt we have a hаbit problem thаt rеԛuirеѕ uѕ tо dеvеlор mоrе bеnеfiting hаbitѕ that help us make the weight loss process easier, healthier, faster and maintainable.



These are a few poor hаbitѕ thаt cause wеight gain:

Slеер deficiency

Wоrking ridiculously early оr wоrking late might ѕееm like good habits at first sight, but inѕuffiсiеnt rest can really wreak hаvос оn уоur weight. Both lасk оf ѕlеер and sleep арnеа, combined with nightmаrеѕ, restless nightѕ can change thе hоrmоnе levels in your body, mаking уоu more likely tо gаin wеight. Nоt оnlу that, but it might аlѕо mаkе уоu indulgе in unhealthy eating behaviors. Sоmе diеt ѕtudiеѕ indiсаtе thаt оnе extra hour of ѕlеер might hеlр уоu shed as much as 14 pounds a уеаr!

Cорing with Dерrеѕѕiоn and Low Moods

Whilѕt ѕоmе реорlе might lose thеir appetite whеn fасеd with сhаllеnging situations in their livеѕ, thе орроѕitе thing саn hарреn also. During a depression, many people tend to рау less attention tо thеir diеtаrу hаbitѕ аnd ѕuссumb to еmоtiоnаl еаting because eating certain foods mаkе us fееl bеttеr. We all dо it frоm timе to time when we are feeling low, but еmоtiоnаl еаting iѕ a habit mаnу реорlе аrеn’t aware of…it literally creeps uр оn thеm. Suddеnlу thе bit оf сhосоlаtе саkе оr сhосоlаtе éclair becomes a rеgulаr еаting bingе, leading tо ѕugаr spikes, gluсоѕе аnd inѕulin lеvеlѕ gоing haywire.


Mindless Eating

Anоthеr рооr wеight lоѕѕ hаbit iѕ whеn you ѕhоvеl the fооd in your mouth, maybe even without sitting down  inѕtеаd of taking уоur time for a meal. Such an eating habit leads to a lot more problems like stress, poor digestion, over-acidity, etc., all unnecessarily adding up to your weight.

Not Drinking Enough Water

An alarming bad habit is drinking soday pops and bottled juices which contain unbelievable amounts of toxins. Drinking is meant to assist your body in its cleansing and detoxification process. Instead, by drinking anything bottled you are literally adding to the toxic overload the body has alreay to take care of. Drinking pure water is the answer. It’s free and has many benefits that support your weight loss process.


These are a just a few of a long, long list of poor habits that lead to weight gain and/or that prevent people from losing extra weight for good.

Habits are such strong components which sabotage our most serious weight loss attempts and can bypass even the strongest motivation, willpower and discipline. There is nothing that destroys hopes, wishes, goals and New Year’s resolutions more and more dramatically than habit. In my Facebook group I can see it EVERY day how people are falling back into their old, poor habits. That’s why a group of like-minded people is very helpful.

You just can’t conquer habit with willpower. The only way to optimally dealing with habit is by understanding the way our subconscious mind works and using it’s own way of forming new habits. By the way, strong willpower is a habit as well. Your ways of aproaching weight loss, your ways of pursuing a goal, your mindset, your motivation (or the lack of it), these are all habits as well and can – need to – be trained.

As you may understand by now is that no matter what you, your poor habits will always get in your way and this is not your fault…it’s how your brain has been wired. And as you may also understand by now is that there is absolutely no sense whatsoever in starting a new weight loss program BEFORE transforming your poor, fattening habits first. Your habits will always set you back to your current status quo….no matter what!

I said that it’s not your fault because your brain is made to work that way and it’s true. Of course you are still responsible because you started these poor habits some day and repeated them long and often enough to form them. Now it’s your responsibility to form new, helpful, slimming habits that give you a real chance to make your next weight loss attempt last. Once your habits will be transformed, weight loss becomes much, much easier and sometimes even effortless.

In my SheSlimEasy 90-Day Habit Transformation program we work on one tiny habit every day over the course of 90 days. This gives you the chance to make small shifts on a daily basis and long enough to rewire your brain for all habits that lead to lasting weight loss.

Happy Slimming!

P.S. More information on how to form new habit will be published in my next blog post. 


Is your health and weight loss goal worth five to fifteen minutes of your time every day?

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9 Fattening Habits to Eliminate First for Sustainable Weight Loss (Part 2)

habits to lose weight, weight loss habits

In my first of this 3-part article series I talked about will power and how habits occur. Today we are going to talk about the 9 most common fattening habits. Some of them you may not even realize as contributing factors. 

9 Fattening Habits To Get Rid Of First For The Sake Of Your Slim Body

One of the very most important and crucial things you want to avoid when you are overweight is:

adding more acidity and toxins to the load that you already have.

The real culprits are toxins and acidity. We have talked about this topic very in-depth in other occasions. So for today I don’t want to talk about acid and toxins. I just want to mention it because that’s what leads to weight gain. The poor habits lead to an accumulation of more acids and toxins – toxins and acid inevitably lead to weight gain and prevent you from losing it for good.

By avoiding the following 9 things you can be sure that you won’t make things worse than they already are through your bad habits. And eliminating them leads to direct and to indirect weight loss.

Many times weight gain goes along with toxic stress and mental stress (negative thinking). The good news is that we can get a handle on both. Both are entirely in your own hands and your own responsibility and thus also in your own power.

Weight issues therefore are always in your own hands. Being overweight calls for a change of your habits – ALWAYS. 

The 9 most important negative habits to eliminate for the sake of a slim, healthy, and vibrant body are:

  1. Weighing
  2. Counting Calories
  3. Soft drinks
  4. White flour
  5. Refined sugar
  6. Artificial sweeteners
  7. Low fat and ‘lite’ products
  8. Smoking
  9. Fighting your weight

1.) Weighing

weight loss, weighing, habit of weighing, weight loss habits It’s a natural law that the more we focus on weight, the more our weight will stubbornly remain or even increase. Whatever you focus on, you will attract AND increase. If you focus on your extra weight, you will get more extra weight. If you focus on what you’re not allowed to eat, you will find yourself craving more of exactly that food.

If you want to not only lose a few pounds but also keep your weight off, you have to stop focusing on what you don’t want and, instead, start focusing on what you do want. Therefore one of the first negative habits to quit is weighing. In my courses and workshops my participants are not allowed to weigh. This is a crucial part of your long-term weight loss success. I know most overweight people are afraid that if they don’t weigh, their weight will go through the roof. This can only happen, if you continue with your old poor habits. And without changing some of the habits the weight will go up anyway, whether or not you weigh. And it will bounce back after each diet.  

2.) Counting Calories

calorie counting, habit of counting calories, weight loss habitsIn several of my videos I talked about why counting calories is nonsense. So I don’t want to get into detail here. All I want to say is, please consider that calories are not equal. Calories only show how fast a particular food can be burned in a pot. But your body is not a pot. Your body needs a lot of vital nutrients.

It should be obvious to you that the quality factor regarding food is much, much more important than the quantity factor. For example, it’s impossible to get fat if you eat too much salad.

Counting calories puts your focus on weight gain and not on your goal. Therefore it has the same effect on your brain like weighing.

So stop counting calories. This alone can save you a lot of time – time you can use to go for a walk, for instance. Instead simply follow your common sense and eat healthy.

3.) Soft Drinks

Ice ColaSoda drinks are TOXIC! If you have any form of rheumatism, arthritis, weight problems, cellulite, stiffness, or disease (or if you simply want to remain healthy) then you cannot afford to drink any soft drinks, because they are very acidic and loaded with toxins. And it doesn’t matter whether they contain sugar or not, not even when they contain so-called natural sweeteners. You really should strictly avoid them. If I were you, I would not allow any exceptions here. Soft drinks make your body more acidic and this is exactly what you absolutely cannot afford to have. As long as you drink any kind of pop it’s close to impossible to lose weight. In fact, you may continue to gain weight. And diet pop has been proven to be worse than regular pop. I know dozens of people who only lost weight by simply following this one recommendation and nothing else. Ignore this point to your own peril.



4.) White Flour

bakery goods with white flourWhite flour and any product that contains some of it are acid-forming and thus force your body to create fat in order to store the acid away in your soft tissue where it can do the least harm. By avoiding it and any bakery goods containing white flour, you help your body tremendously. Although we need carbohydrates, we do not need these kinds of carbs, and we don’t need as much as we have been told.

Also, we do not need any cereals at all. Actually our stomach is not even made for digesting cereal. We don’t have a four-chamber stomach like cows and horses do. Especially avoid all boxed cereals. They are made with a process called “extrusion” which creates toxic byproducts.

My suggestion: If you absolutely have to have bread, buy products made of buchwheat or organic whole grain rye flour such as European-style rye bread. Rye bread has a higher nutritional value, and although it’s more expensive, you need less of it, and therefore save money. Eat that in moderation. 

5.) Refined Sugars

refined sugarWhite refined sugar is something our body can hardly deal with and we really do not need any of it. It’s highly acidic and very detrimental. When we eat sugar we are literally asking for trouble. Our body is constructed to build sugars from healthy, untreated carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables). Give your body enough of them and you will not miss refined sugar at all. If you want to, you can replace white sugar with stevia, xylothol, local raw honey or pure maple syrup. They are not only healthier, but also taste much better.

Now, avoiding white sugar also means to avoid any prepared foods that contain it. Don’t eat any prepared and processed food at all. That way you will not only eat healthier but also save a lot of money at the same time. 

6.) Artificial Sweeteners

artificial sweetenersAlthough artificial sweeteners do not have any calories; that does not mean that they are harmless or helpful for your weight loss. They are highly toxic and our body has very difficult time getting rid of them. They simply add up in our body.  So just in case, while reading our last paragraph, you thought that you are smart and use artificial sweeteners, stop and think again.

The toxicity of aspartame is not the only problem.

Did you know that artificial sweeteners are used to fatten pigs before they are slaughtered? Probably not. Yes, they are used for pigs because – are you sitting down? – because they increase the appetite. It’s been proven in scientific studies that the people who used artificial sweetener in lemonade ended up eating more food than those who drank sugar-sweetened lemonade, because it stimulated their appetites. Unless you want to gain weight, I do not think that this would be desirable for you. If you want to sweeten anything there are plenty of healthy and tasty natural alternatives available. I personally prefer xylothol as number one choice.

7.) Low-Fat and ‘Lite’ Products

Low-fat_Quote_1I have already said earlier that we should only eat products that are not prepared in any way. That means fresh. Any products that are low-fat contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, or some other artificial substances that pollute your body. They are not harmless. Some can affect your health badly. Plus they add to the acidity and therefore force the body to gain weight instead of losing it.

If you’re serious about losing your weight for good, for you the ‘diet‘ really is to only use fresh food: organic vegetables, herbs, vegetables juices, and fruits; whole grain cereals you cook yourself (in moderation and only if you’re not gluten intolerant); meat and eggs from grass-fed, free-range, organically fed animals; wild caught fresh water fish; organic virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and water. As soon as food goes through any preparation process it is not as valuable anymore and in many cases “enriched” with substances your body cannot deal with at all. It stores these substances primarily in your fat cells. A very welcome extra benefit of cooking from scratch is that it will save you a lot of money.  

I know it’s very convenient and once or twice a month I buy some ravioli in bags, but they just don’t taste good anymore. I found out that cooking healthy and from scratch can take as little as 5-15 minutes. Besides, you can cook large quantities and freeze some portions for a later use. It’s really all about changing habits.

8.) Smoking

smokingIf you’re a smoker, I believe that to quit smoking is the greatest favor you could do yourself and your body and especially when your body is already so acidic that you are overweight.

If you are a smoker you have no idea how much this harms your body, otherwise you would not do it. When you are overweight your body is already too acidic and loaded with toxins, waste, fat, heavy metals, and old stored-up water. There are enough toxins and heavy metals in the air, in the soil, in the water and in the food. You really don’t need or want any more of them through anything avoidable like smoking.

I was a chain smoker over 20 years ago, and my biggest fear was to gain weight after quitting, but I didn’t. So that fear was completely useless.

9.) Fighting Your Weight

Fighting against something has the exact same effect like focusing on the negative – it IS a form of focusing on the negative. And whatever you focus on you increase.

By fighting against your weight you’re losing precious energy you would otherwise need for your weight loss success – for what you really want. By fighting against the current situation you give up your power and make yourself feel weak and powerless. And worst of all, it’s getting you nowhere.

So these are 9 of some of the most detrimental fattening habits I want to encourage you to eliminate or replace by positive habits. We are going to eliminate more of them in my upcoming 30-Day Triple Power Weight Loss Challenge – Habits

In my third and final article of this trilogy I’m going to talk about how to eliminate bad, fattening habits in an easier and faster way – a way that requires far less will power than any diet you may have followed. In that article I’m going to give you a link where you can download my Weight Loss Habit Hack Tool.

[Weight Loss Habit – Part 1]

Part 3 of this Weight Loss Habits Trilogy will follow soon. Please watch out.


Is your health and weight loss goal worth five to fifteen minutes of your time every day?

If you want to learn a process that leads you to constant weight loss success by baby stepping, check out my Facebook group. 

You can get a feeling for the 4 Pillars of Weight Loss process for free. Simply join my closed Facebook group where you can go through the process by taking tiny daily baby steps completely stress free and still make tremendous progress.