A Little Known Habit-Changing Weight Loss Hack that Reduces Your Waist Line…with No Willpower and No Diet! – Part 1

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Will power for weight loss is highly overrated!

Will power is not the solution to lasting weight loss. But how could thate myth that losing weight requires tons of will power occur?

In my 31 years of coaching overweight women I can tell you that overweight women have more will power than they believe. They go on a diet two to three times a year, they fast, they starve, they crave, they weigh every day, they follow pretty much every advice they can get (no matter how much sense it makes), they lose weight and gain it back, they try again, count calories, weigh their food, purchase expensive diet products, cook two different meals, one for them and one for their families…and after they have gained the lost weight back they start all over again, year after year, until they are so disappointed that they stop trying.

So what is this? Will power. Tremendous will power.

Diets require insane will power. The sad truth is that you only need a lot of will power when you’re on the wrong weight loss path and when you don’t know how to use your inner power to achieve your goal.

But how about changing some really bad habits?

I don’t have to tell you how sticky bad habits can be and how bad habits can completely sabotage your weight loss success. So I have decided to show you a simple yet little used trick to replace fattening habits with positive and slimming habits easier. You CAN change poor habits without a ton of willpower. More about that in one of my next parts of this series.

The topics we are going to cover in this 3-part article series are:

  • …how you can eliminate the worst fattening habits and easily overcome some of the major stumbling blocks
  • …how to easily implement some very strong slimming habits that make losing weight easier and faster
  • …how to reduce the required willpower to achieve your desired weight goal easier and faster
  • …the 9 most common fattening habits
  • …and all that WITHOUT dieting 😉

So the topic of this 3-part article series is how to replace fattening habits with slimming habits without a lot of willpower…and without a diet.




First I want to ask you a provocative question.

Is being overweight really the result of bad habits or is it a habit in itself?

I’m going to answer that in a minute. First I want to share how bad habits can become bad habits.

Every day we make choices in our lives and they are not always helpful or beneficial. We make choices without even realizing that they are not the best for us. And when we get sick and overweight after a while we often wonder why. It may seem like undeserved or without a good reason. But it never is. Every condition in our life we have attracted through thousands and thousands of conscious or subconscious choices we have made in the past.

When we start looking at our habits honestly we suddenly realize that not all of them are good and helpful. But first let us look at how habits can occur: the good ones as well as the negative ones.

Whenever we see, hear, experience, say, think, feel or imagine something, our brain immediately registers that information and it will be stored in our subconscious mind as a FACT, no matter whether it’s true or not. The more such information is repeated, the more it becomes a pattern, then a habit and finally reality…without fail. This is true for negative as well as for positive habits.

This is a very important function of the brain, because your subconscious mind takes over and does the things you do repeatedly so that your brain is free to deal with new and unexpected situations. If we would have to think about everything we do during any given day we would get crazy or at least have a nervous breakdown.

weight loss, thinking patterns, weight loss habitsThe same is true with our thoughts and feelings. When we repeat the same thoughts and feelings over and over again, the subconscious mind will take over after a while and bring the outer results automatically without us realizing how this could happen. This is a great mechanism, but also has consequences for us we do not really want nor appreciate.

For instance, if you think mainly about being overweight, diets, how food can make you fat, how much you hate your body as it is, you will eventually gain more weight. You then think again about being overweight and you will experience the symptoms accordingly. This thinking and feeling and remembering about your weight becomes so automated after a certain time that you do not even realize what you are actually doing and creating for your life. And the more often you repeat certain thoughts and behaviors, the more your thinking just gets on “auto-pilot” and several aspects are repeated like a CD that is played over and over again without you even noticing because it became so normal.

As a matter of fact overweight people think about their weight all the time. They just have become so used to it that they do not even realize their thinking anymore. And the thinking and feeling about their weight moves to a more subconscious level. If you think mainly about your weight, you will eventually have weight issues…and more and more of them.

It also works pretty much the same with the food we eat, just on the physical level. Our body creates enzymes to digest the food we eat regularly, and it stops creating enzymes for food we never or seldom eat. That’s why we often tend to think that the unhealthy food we so like were better for our body than the healthy alternatives. Of course, it’s not, but our bodies simply found a way to deal with these unhealthy or toxic substances. And when we change our poor eating habits to healthy eating, it takes our body a while to get used to food it never had before and start creating those digestive enzymes again.

So we can really say that being overweight in itself is a bad habit – it has become a habit of our thinking, feeling, acting and even the body. That’s one big reason why losing weight and keeping it off can be so darn hard. It has become automated.

The bad habit of being overweight is not only in the eating, drinking and exercising, but also in the thinking, behaving, and feeling. One of my former participants used to enter her gate of the yard side-wise even long after she had lost all her excess weight what, of course, created a new reality for her.

The good news is that habits can be changed. And that process is quite simple, not always easy yet simple. Some habits can be changed quickly and easily, and for other habits it takes longer and more determination.

In one of my next parts of this article series I’m going to talk about a habit hack that makes changing bad habits and implementing new ones easy with  much less will power. In the next part I’m going to talk about 9 of the worst fattening habits.

[Watch out. Part 2 will come soon!]

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