An amazing success story that motivated me to interrupt my retirement

Among all the quick-fix and new diet seekers there is, from time to time, a subscriber who instantly gets what my message and sustainable weight loss is all about, uses the principles outlined in my programs, and has the most stunning results that surprise even me.

One of these individuals with an amazing success story is Bertha.

Bertha is a 62-year old woman who has been suffering from obesity for 20 years. Like most of my subscribers, she tried everything and actually ate very healthy and small amounts. I often told her that she might even be undernourished because she eats so little, but she assured me that she was not hungry for more.

Despite her healthy lifestyle and daily juicing, she just could not lose a single pound for years. Recently, she learned the reason.

Bertha met a natural practitioner who found out Bertha’s real cause of being obese. Not even I knew about that particular cause….now it’s number 58 on my list of possible causes of weight gain.

Once Bertha took care of that cause, she lost 66lbs./30kg. in 5 months without dieting!

So, what was Bertha’s personal cause?

I will tell you in a few days. In the meantime, let’s first talk about causes so that you understand the principles behind this “miracle” (which is not really a miracle at all, once you understand the basics).

You probably don’t remember my last blog post I published before I retired. It was a very in-depth article (almost a small book) about possible causes of weight gain and how extra weight melts off effortlessly once the causes have been eliminated. Those readers who were smart read that article from top to bottom and instantly applied what they learned. That article included ALL the answers an overweight person will ever need to know to lose her extra weight for good. I’m very glad that Bertha read that article and took it to heart. Today she couldn’t be happier she did.

New ideas always require a little bit more time to reach people’s minds. History is full of these stories. Every new idea has to go through three stages:

  1. being ignored or ridiculed
  2. being opposed and fought against
  3. being accepted as obvious and normal

In Switzerland, my home country, my work has reached stage three and has become pretty common knowledge among 20-30% of the people. In many other countries, the awareness of the cause-and-effect theory of weight issues is still on stage one.

The sad truth is that most overweight women are still searching for some form of a quick fix: fad diets, pills, gastric surgeries, etc. and don’t realize that these are tactics that are inevitably keeping them on the LONG and painful route….and don’t realize that the real answer is so close. And this hurts.

It hurts me to see how millions of women are suffering and struggling with their weight while losing weight and keeping it off could be so much easier.

How much easier can it be than eliminating the real cause and then watch how your body is doing its fat-burning job because the need for that extra fat has gone? The body only keeps that extra fat because it wants to tell you something (maybe even scream at you) until you will finally listen, hear its message, and then take the RIGHT action, which is very seldom a weight loss diet.

Now ask yourself, do you want to continue searching, struggling, and yo-yo dieting? Or do you want to find your real, personal cause of weight gain, eliminate it and see your extra fat melt away effortlessly?

In a couple of days, I’m going to continue this story.

In the meantime please post your ideas below in the comment box what you think might Bertha’s cause of being obese might have been. The person who will guess it right, will win a free one-on-one coaching session over the phone with me.

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