My name is Angela Buhri, and I am a teacher, adult educator, behavioral therapist and weight loss coach from Switzerland for women with over 10,000 former participants of my workshops. My personal struggles with weight, my psychology background and 38 years of experience as a behavioral therapist and holistic weight loss coach have helped me detect 59 possible causes of weight gain so far and find new and more powerful ways of weight transformation, particularly for women.

I am fueled by my passion for finding the real root causes of my clients and understanding the issue in its entirety. My best „school“ has been the work with thousands of women worldwide, and learning and finding new answers to offer my clients the best possible solutions is my main passion. Early in my career, I realized that the right answers to women’s weight struggles are not found in the scientific literature but in life itself because each woman’s life story is unique.

My deep desire to help women find the right and sustainable answers to their weight struggles and my determination to turn every stone have contributed to my great success with my own coaching company. There, I have been coaching with executives, CEOs, business owners, singers, artists, musicians, sportspeople and people from all walks of life.

Over the last 38 years, I vastly improved the effectiveness of my own weight loss system by using a combination of known behavioral modification methods and my own techniques to spot the root causes as well as transforming them. I believe that we are whole beings and that we need to be treated on all levels in order to make a weight loss strategy maintainable. Only individual strategies lead to individual and lasting success.

I am looking to work with overweight women who have realized that the dieting approach doesn’t work and who are open to a new path of eliminating and transforming the real root causes of weight issues on the physical, emotional, mental and subconscious level…for maintainable weight loss.