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Obese Woman Finds 59 Possible Causes of Weight Problems and Obesity

Millions of women are desperate to lose their extra weight, but all they know is dieting/calorie restriction and exercise. Many even hope for a magic pill. Nobody tells them that extra weight is a message from the body (a signal) and that maintainable weight loss is all about eliminating the root causes, and the weight will take care of itself. Diets are destined to fail, but because overweight women don’t know the alternative, they blame themselves each time a diet doesn’t work for them. Yet every year, we hear and read about the same diets and exercise programs – with a new name and ‘wrapped’ in a new ‘package’. On the other hand, there is so much to say and write about maintainable weight loss that nobody has ever talked or written about. This is because women are so desperate to find answers beyond the dieting and exercise approach.

I became overweight at the age of 5 (after having been molested by a male relative) and struggled with my weight until I finally overcame the abuse at the age of 26. Within only a few months, I went from 84kg to 55kg, without dieting, without exercising, and without anything weight loss-related. I kept that weight off for 14 years, leading a normal life and eating normally (3-course menus, wine, dessert). Then, at the age of 40, I was raped and robbed and had to go through several years of famine after having lost everything. Within that time, my weight exploded, and today, I’m labeled as “morbidly obese” (118kg).

[Alternatively: Then, at the peak of my success as a weight loss coach, when I desperately needed staff, two women showed up who I hired. Later, it turned out that they were friends of a woman who saw me as a competitor. Within three months, they’d completely destroyed from within what I had built for 12 years. After that, I had to go through severe famine for many years because I had lost everything, including my entire clientele. Within that time, my weight exploded, and today I’m labeled as “morbidly obese” (118kg).]

Due to my own obesity history, I constantly searched for answers beyond the diet/exercise mainstream because nobody could provide me with an answer. To this day, I have detected 59 possible root causes of weight gain in women:

  • Some causes are physical: sleep deprivation, toxic overload, metabolic syndrome, hormonal imbalance, lack of certain vital nutrients, food intolerances, dieting, etc.
  • Another prominent group of root causes among women are emotions: emotional imbalance, stress, insufficient boundaries, self-rejection, depression, etc.
  • Mind: negative thinking, negative self-talk, negative attitude towards themselves, negative speaking about their weight and body, etc.
  • Psychological causes: trauma, abuse, lack of love, inner void, self-sabotage (not feeling worthy to look beautiful), violence, not feeling valued, etc.

Although being obese as a weight loss coach has been extremely hard and difficult for me, today, I am grateful for it. Without my own weight struggles, I would never have kept searching and finding. And if what I have found can help trigger a paradigm shift regarding weight loss and help more women find better, healthier, and faster solutions to their weight problems, then it has been worth the pain. If I needed that to finally create a very necessary paradigm shift within the weight loss industry, then I’m fine with it.

I believe it’s really time to start thinking outside the diet box and share the truth with the millions of women struggling with their weight: that it’s more important to address the root causes than what they eat. Like the iceberg, 80% of the problem is underneath the surface and has to be addressed there. On the other hand, psychologists tell us that 80% of problems are usually about people’s psychology. That is exactly my experience with the 10,000+ clients I have had the privilege to work with.

This gives hope. This gives women the certainty that they can solve their weight problem within themselves.

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