Magnesium as Weight Loss Support?

Minerals and microelements

Recently we hear a lot about magnesium. Of course, most of the time such information comes with a product offer.

Since I am taking natural magnesium on a regular basis my health has drastically increased in several regards. But how about weight loss? Can it really support your weight loss process?

So I decided to give that mineral a closer look. And what I got to learn so far sounds very promising.

To begin with, the older you are the less your body can utilize magnesium from food and the larger amounts you need to supplement.

Here are some facts about magnesium:

  • Magnesium helps the body with basic functions of the nerves, what is crucial these days with the increasing electromagnetic pollution through cell phones.
  • Not only nerves, but also muscles and other organs need magnesium for proper function. Very good news for us is the fact that magnesium also makes better use of all nutrients for sufficient digestion and it helps the body to better process the food you consume. This can definitely help you maintain a healthier weight.
  • If you have a blood sugar problem, magnesium might at least be part of the solution since it plays an important role in regulating your blood sugar levels. According to a 2013 study in the Journal of Nutrition, a high intake of magnesium has been linked to lower glucose and insulin levels. Both of them control fat and weight gain.
  • British researchers found in another study that supplementing magnesium can help reduce water retention and relieve bloating during the menstrual cycle.
  • Younger people can achieve weight loss simply by adding magnesium-rich food to their daily diet. Fruits, green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds, fish, meat and dairy products are all rich in magnesium. Of course the food has to be fresh from the market or the farm. The older you get, a healthy diet may not be enough and you may need to supplement magnesium.
  • Magnesium is a contributing factor in balancing your metabolism and providing the body with energy what makes exercising easier and the fat-burning process faster and more effective. It helps the body synthesize proteins, carbs and fats and you need less food to be full and satisfied.
  • Another tremendous benefit of that mineral is that it allows the body to convert blood glucose into energy effectively what plays a major role in your body’s insulin function. That way supplementing magnesium alone can help to apply healthier eating habits.
  • A deficiency in magnesium leads to a loss of energy and fatigue, just to name a few side effects. This again reduces the motivation to work out and exercise. Healthy amounts of magnesium make you feel better emotionally and physically. You find it easier to eat properly for better weight maintenance.
  • When your magnesium levels are low, you feel more exhausted and you crave any kind of food.
  • Magnesium can even reduce anxiety and stress…both can cause increased hunger and appetite. While under stress, your body stores more fat, making it difficult to lose weight. According to Dr. Carolyn Dean magnesium neutralizes the effects of stress.

Products rich in magnesium on wooden spoons.

Whatever nutrient you lack, your body begins to crave it. Since most of us have un-learned to listen to their body, lack of vital nutrients often show in form of cravings for sugary and unhealthy foods. Hardly anybody craves magnesium per se, unless you regularly supplement it so that your body had the chance to get used to and distinguish it from other nutrients.

Of course as one of my long-time readers you already understand that all this only works if you strictly stick to whole foods. Processed foods have not only lost most of their nutrients (including magnesium), but also contain lots of additives and toxins that contribute to weight gain.

Therefore, when weight is an issue, there is only one option: eat natural, healthy, organic produce and, depending on your age, you may want to add some extra magnesium. For faster and easier weight loss both, the internal and external use is recommended. You can purchase a natural magnesium salt from the Dead Sea and regularly take a bath with Epsom salt.

If you want to learn more fast, easy and sustainable weight loss tips, tricks, and tactics, check out the 30-Day Triple Power Weight Loss Challenge


The Best Weight Loss Advice You Could Get

Stop Dieting

Recently, I read an email from one of the well-known weight loss “experts”, and almost every sentence of that email was copied.

A couple of years ago, I created a teleseminar called “7 Reasons Why Diets Fail – And What to Do Instead”. That diet and weight loss “expert” now offers a “breakthrough” program with the exact same title, except that he added the word “almost”…why “…almost all diets fail – and what to do instead”. What he is suggesting is that all diets fail but his.

Can you call that a “breakthrough”? That’s nothing new. That’s exactly what every diet coach promotes just in a different package. 

There is still the false hope that one day, someone was going to find the right diet that would help the whole 70% of overweight and obese population in the Western world to lose all the extra weight forever. Just think about it, if there was just one diet that worked, there wouldn’t be a single overweight person left on the whole planet. Such information would have spread to the most remote place in the world.

We have to face it, not even the newest diet is new. Every ‘new’ diet we hear about is an old diet with a new name and label.

This is the reason the whole non-diet movement has really taken hold. Thank goodness people are becoming more aware of the diet myth. Did you notice that suddenly some diet companies begin to call their diets a ‘lifestyle plan’? A lot of diet companies are now trying to jump on the non-diet bandwagon. Although this is a sign that the fact that diets don’t work is beginning to sink into people’s heads, it is making it even harder to find the right answers.

Dieting experts realize that their approach doesn’t work anymore. And because they don’t have anything else to offer than just another diet or a slight twist to their existing diet method, they are trying to find new, nice words to replace the word “diet” and make you believe that what they offer is not a diet but a new method.

It is, indeed, a healthy lifestyle that will help you lose your extra weight in a healthy manner and for good, if you solve some inner issues at the same time. Just be aware that diet ‘experts’ call their diets a ‘healthy lifestyle’ when it really isn’t. As a consumer, you need to learn to see through these marketing tactics and distinguish what is the truth and what is just marketing.

So what is my best weight loss advice I have been giving thousands of my clients for the last 32 years? It’s…

Stop dieting!

You first have to stop doing what does not work before you can learn new ways that really work. Develop normal eating habits first. Give your body everything it needs to function well. Listen to your body. Cooperate with your body. Just do it the RIGHT way.

By following a diet, no matter how nicely the package is wrapped and labeled, you’re doing the exact opposite. You develop abnormal eating habits. You deprive your body from vital nutrients, which forces it to go into crisis mode. You have to overrule your body’s signals and what it’s trying to tell you. You work against your body’s own nature and literally force it to create more extra fat.

Anorexic bodyA healthily slim body looks never haggard and anorexic. The first sign that shows me whether someone is on a diet or on a healthy weight loss plan are the upper arms and the face. As soon as the arms look thin and the face starved, this is an alarm signal for me and proof that the particular person is on a diet and not on a healthy weight loss strategy. A healthy weight loss strategy gives you a nicely shaped body, you look healthy and radiant. 

What sense does a weight loss plan make when you look unattractive after you have lost your weight? Extremes never look attractive. Neither an overweight nor a starved body look nice. A good weight loss strategy makes you look healthy with nice and perfect body forms. And that can be achieved best without a diet. 

The diet approach not only burns fat but also muscles and makes you look like you’re skin and bones. These people look like they had just survived cancer. That doesn’t look attractive at all. That’s not what you want for yourself, and that’s not what I wish for you.

So my best advice I can give you today is this:

Stop dieting and start cooperating with your body!

By working with over 10,000 women, helping them to achieve their goals, I have found 52 possible causes of weight gain and yo-yo dieting so far. And I’m sure there are more causes. Of course, not every person has all 52+ causes…but every person has more than one.

Some of the most common causes are:

  • Toxic overload
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Need of protection
  • Emotional imbalance
  • Traumatic experiences
  • The inability to set healthy boundaries
  • Misconceptions

The easiest, fastest, and simplest way of attaining and maintaining a slim and healthy body is by finding and eliminating the effective causes. Once the causes are gone, there is no more reason for the body to hold on to its extra fat.

This may sound complicated. It’s not complicated, it’s just a little bit more complex than the lie that all you have Weight Loss Strategyto do were eating less and exercise more.

Please keep in mind that when you are on the wrong road, you will never get to your final destination, no matter how fast you walk, or even run…and no matter how disciplined you are. The wrong road is the wrong road is the wrong road.

On the other hand, when you’re on the right road, you will eventually get to your final destination, no matter how slow or fast you go. You could even crawl and you would get there.

The question you have to ask yourself now is, do you want to take detour upon detour by trying diets, pills, bariatric surgery, and other tactical things? Or are you willing to take into consideration that it might take a little bit more than just another diet and some exercise, and once you will have eliminated your personal effective causes, you will be done with it?

What is fast in losing, gaining, losing, and gaining some more…? It doesn’t get you anywhere. On the other hand, as soon as you’re willing to look at the real culprit and eliminate it, losing weight suddenly becomes easy and effortless.

There is no faster way of lasting weight loss I know of.

Keep in mind that the Universe follows the laws of nature, and so does your body.

Don’t Fall into the Comparison Trap

Comparison Trap  Do you look enviously at your slim friend?

Do you ever compare your friend’s weight loss progress with yours?

Do you ever think that others are losing weight much faster than you?

Although most people tend to compare themselves to others you shouldn’t do it. Comparison can slow down your weight loss process tremendously.

Comparison is a trap.

Because, whenever you lose the comparison game – which you almost always so – you beat yourself up. Self-criticism consequently follows comparison. It’s a game you can never win because you compare other people’s positive sides with your negative ones.

Especially women who have grown up with Barbie dolls subconsciously want to look like Barbie. Although nobody does look like a doll, many women are striving to look exactly like that. And if they can’t make it happen, they want their surgeon to “sculpt” them into that desired shape.

The reason why comparison is a trap is because it’s a game that can never be won by no one. It drives people to do stupid and unhealthy things. It drives people to exhaustion.

Would you believe me, if I told you that you are perfect just the way you look and are right now?

You are!

In case that you think that I have become insane to call you “perfect” since you obviously want or need to lose weight, hold on for a minute. There are two reasons why I believe you are perfect.

Reason #1:

Like everybody on earth you have a particular life purpose only you can fulfill. There is no one on this whole planet that has the same mix of talents, skills, and experiences as you have. That makes you unique. And the reason for your uniqueness is your individual life purpose.

We always come with the perfect kind and shape of body we need to fulfill our life Don't comparepurpose as good as ever possible.

Now I admit that, obviously, you have gained some weight. Otherwise you would not be reading this. And thus you feel like not being “perfect” anymore.

Although I totally get that you want to lose weight – and I’m doing everything in my power to help you achieve that goal – I still have to tell you that you’re perfect.

Reason #2:

Your body is a perfect organism with thousands of functions all perfectly orchestrated. And when you gain weight, there is a reason why your body feels that it needs to hold on to that extra weight instead of burning it. Your body would never keep some extra fat, if it was not in its/your best interest. Many times excess weight is simply life-saving.

Therefore: you are perfect just the way you are and look like.

Your body is doing a fabulous and great job. Your body is perfect in his functions.

And since we are all under the same natural laws, either all of us or none of us is perfect. Therefore there is no reason to compare.

By comparing yourself to other women and their weight loss process, you move your focus away from your goal. You become unsatisfied with your body. You begin to focus more on what is not good about you and your body, thus increasing exactly the things you don’t want.

You are just the best “You” you can currently be. If you could have done better, you would have done it. That doesn’t mean that your body can’t change.


…it can NOT change for as long as you’re comparing yourself with others.

If you really want to become better, slimmer, more beautiful and “more of” whatever, you have to begin appreciating all the good things about you and your body. If you want your body to cooperate with you in your weight loss journey, you first have to be very grateful to your body.

Stop hacking awaSuper Skinny y at your self-esteem. Stop that harmful negative self-talk. Instead look at those things that are beautiful. Stop blaming yourself for not being perfectly slim yet.

Give up guilt because it tethers you to the past. Simply decide to do it better this time. You have come to the right place where you can learn all those wonderful strategies for sustainable weight loss. Simply decide to move away from all those tactics that didn’t work for you and find a way that will assist you in your weight goals.

Now take a piece of paper and a pen, take a long and loving look into your mirror, and find at least 10 beautiful and positive things about your looks and your body. Write them down. Then take a minute to thank your body for its wonderful work it is doing day by day, minute by minute…for years.

To your beautiful you, no matter how well it’s currently being hidden!


The Universe Follows The Law Of Nature…So Does Your Body

The earth is flat 

The earth is flat 1Only a few hundred years ago people firmly believed that our earth was a disc and that they would fall off that disc if they sailed too far from the shore. And, of course, they had a very good reason to be so certain about that belief. They didn’ t see anything beyond the horizon.

Isn’t it then the most logical thing to believe that there was nothing beyond that horizon?

From our ancestor’s perspective it sure was. Today we tend to smile about such ignorance. Yet, in the same ignorance we believe other myths to be true.

Such a myth is, “All you have to do to lose your weight is eat less and exercise more.” This is the calorie in and out theory. And it makes total sense, doesn’t it? We have many reasons to believe it, and we certainly have had some ‘proof’ for that theory…just like our ancestors had to ‘proof’ to them that the earth was flat.

But is it true?

The earth is flat 5Or is it just another thing we tend to believe because we can’t see beyond the horizon?

Our ancestors had proof as well that the earth were a disc…or so they thought. And that ‘proof’ affirmed their theory over and over. It took several centuries to bring the truth about the fact that our earth is a globe to all corners of the planet and into the heads of all the people.

I love that quote, “Each era seems to have its own flat earth, a STRONGLY held belief that is now viewed as absurd. So hold your strong beliefs loosely creating space for evidence to change your mind.” (Author unknown)

You see, our earth, even the whole universe doesn’t care about what we believe. We are free to believe whatever we want. The universe doesn’t care. It simply continues to do its ’job’. And its job is nothing but fulfilling the will of its Creator. The strongest and firmest believe can’t change how our whole universe functions. Would it only move a millionth of an inch away from the Divine plan, our whole world would instantly fall apart. So thank goodness the universe doesn’t care about what we believe or do not believe.

The next thing to understand is that our body – being part of nature and the elements – is under the exact same universal laws like our planet and the whole universe. Our body is an intelligent being, and it does nothing else but following its Divine plan and the rules of nature. No matter whether you like it or not, it does nothing else but its job…like clockwork. And if accumulating extra fat is life-saving for you at the moment, then your body will do that because it is the lesser of two evils.

You may believe that the earth were a disc or that weight loss diets and pills would bring you the desired results. You can follow as many diets as you want. You can suck out that extra fat through liposuction. You can starve and take diet pills. You can run all day seven days a week. You can cut out half of your stomache. But your body couldn’t care less about what you believe and what you want. It is doing its job second after second, minute after minute, hour after hour, and day after day…24/7 and 365 days a year…year after year.

By the way, this alone would be a fantastic reason to be so grateful to your body. But since you’re reading this article, chances are that you’re not so happy with your body right now. Not yet. But you will eventually get there.

It’s the same like with the universe. If your body would only move a millionth of an inch away from its divine plan, you would instantly die and stop existing in this physical world. Seen in that light, can you blame your body for accumulating more fat than you would like to have or than fashion dictates?

What you must understand is that accumulating fat is a life-saving mechanism in the eyes of your body. The problem between you and your body is that you don’t understand what your body is doing. It’s not the body that needs to fulfill your wishes…it’s you who need to align with your body. If you want to lose your excess weight permanently, understanding your body and cooperating with it instead of working against it is part of your responsibility. And to explain you how is part of my job.

The process from believing that the earth were a disc to the realization that the earth is a globe took centuries. A paradigm shift was necessary before that truth could sink into the minds of all the people. But as soon as that paradigm shift took place that discovery has opened a whole new world to us with incredible new perspectives.

Did it make the world more complex? It sure did. But at the same time that discovery has instantly opened unbelievable chances, possibilities and opportunities. Our life has literally gained a new dimension.

No doubt, it would be far easier for all those that are struggling with excess weight to continue believing that their weight problem could be solved with a diet. Such a two-dimensional thinking is certainly easier than the truth. Although such a wish is more than understandable, it’s like believing that our earth were a disc.

Without a doubt it would be simpler and easier if lasting weight loss worked that way, but it does not. We all want to have life easy and simple. But, honestly, has any goal achievement process ever been easy? Sometimes, but it seldom is for the majority of us. Done correctly, it’s always simple, yet not always easy. 

Almost every woman that is challenged with excess weight has made the realization that such a problem can’t be solved with a weight loss diet. Somehow deep within we always knew it. But on the other had we really wish that things that sound too good to be true one day might become true.

The message I want to give you is:

You CAN lose your excess weight for good, if you do it right!

It sure is possible, no matter your current weight, age, or genetics.

happy womanMany women have achieved their permanent weight loss goals. And so can you. What it takes at this point is a mindset shift. Your body desperately wants to get rid of that extra fat, and it is only waiting for you to show up and do your part. So your body’s cooperation will be certain once you will have found the right route to go and once you’re ready to cooperate with your body.

Of course, those 10,000+ people who attended my seminars are still only a very small percentage compared to the millions and millions of people that are struggling with their weight. And why have only so few people realized the truth about lasting weight loss?

Because over 95% of overweight women are still hoping for that miracle diet or pill. Over 95% are hoping that there will one day come the ultimate weight loss diet that will solve their weight problem once and for all. Sadly, that day will never come, because it is not in the nature of diets to bring permanent results.

The first step is to let go of wishful thinking and the quick-fix mentality. Then, the next is to learn to listen to your body more closely. Your body knows better than any physician what it needs and how to heal itself. And your body knows best how to get rid of all that extra fat.

If you only listen…