How to Quickly Eliminate Fattening Habits & Turn Them Into Slimming Habits

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How To Eliminate Bad Habits

Every change, including losing weight, comes with a price tag.

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It is not always easy. It is not always pleasant. If it would be easy and pleasant we would all be perfectly healthy and slim. But changing habits is certainly necessary if you want to enjoy a long and healthy life with as little pain as possible and with a beautiful slim body. Just think about the rewards you will get. Imagine how you will look and feel like once you will be slim. This vision will help you to hold firm through your habit changing process.

Brain scientists say that if we want to eliminate a negative habit, then we will have to leave it out for at least 21 days without fail. After three weeks it will become easier to apply it, and soon after it will be normal and easy to do, and you will have formed a new habit. All you have to do is just getting over the first 21 days. Once you have passed those successfully, the rest will be easy and it will not cost you any energy to keep the new positive habit or to do without the negative, fattening habit.

The longer you do without a negative behavior the easier and more automatic it will become. After a few months you will not have to think about it anymore and you will hardly miss the old habit. And soon you will start feeling a difference in your weight even if you didn’t do anything else for your weight loss.

Sometimes it’s easier to get rid of a bad habit when we replace it by a positive one. For instance, if you want to eliminate soda pop, you can replace it by good-quality water. Or, if you want to quit smoking, you could jog every day, and with each day you will be happier that you don’t smoke because you’ll realize how much easier breathing is.

bad habits, weight loss habits, habits for weight lossMy client Nancy had a big problem with potato chips. Every evening she and her husband ate a large bag of chips (or probably more than one). Nancy was ready to stop that fattening behavior, but her husband wasn’t, although both were obese. He didn’t mind being so fat that he could hardly move, and he didn’t mind his wife being fat. He just insisted to have his potato chips while watching TV. And that is already more than a habit – it is an addiction.

Nancy was willing and ready to change that terrible habit, but she didn’t know how to be strong enough to let her husband eat all the chips alone. So I recommended her to make healthy chips for herself until she’d be ready to be completely without. And that helped. The steps were to replace the fattening habit with a very similar but a healthy version firsst. Then in a second step she learned through some behavioral modifications not to eat between the meals at all, and then she began to lose weight even without a diet.

No matter how hard such a habit-change may be at the beginning, being in such a stressful habit costs much more time, energy and most of the time also money.

In my first article of this Weight Loss Habit trilogy I promised you to share with you an under-used habit-hack for easier weight loss. Earlier I mentioned the 21-day rule. That rule says that whatever we do for 21 consecutive days without fail will become a habit within these 3 weeks. I tried it many times and it works.

One of the biggest problems regarding habit change is that most people go on a diet and are supposed to eliminate ALL their bad habits at once. And soon they develop withdrawal symptoms because many of these foods contain addictive substances. And because nobody has such a strong willpower they soon give up.

But what if I told you that it’s easier by simply eliminating or replacing one fattening habit after the other? You may argue that you want to lose your weight faster. But how is losing weight faster if you will fall back into your old habits very soon and then gain your lost weight back? Since when is going 1 step forward and 2 steps back faster?

Using the 21-Day principle requires much less will power than any diet. You decide to simply change 1 single habit and consequently stick to it for the following 21 days. This simple step reduces the required willpower drastically.

21 days are a relatively short time during which even a person with lessittle will power can stay on track. It’s forseeable. It’s long enough to make a significant difference and short enough to follow through with it. 

Like promised in my first article of this series I have created a tool for you, the Weight Loss Habit Power Tool: A Simple Way To Turn Fattening Habits Into Slimming Habits (available on Amazon soon). In the meantime you can check out my free report about Habit Transformation. Free Download below, by clicking on the image:

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In a few months from now you’re going to wonder why changing habits could have ever been hard for you..

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