Why The Image In Your Mirror Can Keep You Overweight

Image in the MirrorWhat I have experienced for myself and often hear from my participants is that they don’t like to look at themselves in the mirror and in shopping windows. Most of them then begin to see all the negative things about themselves: the muffin top, the bad hair, the posture, the fat hips, the too small or too large boobs, the fat ass (their words, not mine), etc. And what they tell me about their bodies is way worse than what I’m repeating here.

Overweight women can be very harsh about their own bodies. Many of my clients tell me that they kind of feel, that when they say all these bad things about their body, other people won’t say them. So this is really a way of protecting themselves from being hurt. It hurts less to say negative things about oneself than hearing them from others. But no matter who says these terrible things about your body, it always hurts…and it has an effect on your weight and the ability or disability to lose it. 

Our subconscious mind is not only an intelligent being, it also has ears. Whatever you say or think about your body, your unconscious hears that. Your subconscious is a 100% obedient to what you say; and when you say all these terrible things about your body, your subconscious instantly gets to work to manifest exactly that physiccally.

But that’s not the worst. Your body is an intelligent being as well, adhering completely and a 100% to the laws of creation and nature. And when you think or say all these negative things your subconscious mind wants to manifest but which are against your body’s onw blueprint, this leads to an enormous conflict for your body spirit.

The problem is that you most likely then will blame the body when you gain more fat because your subconscious thought that this is what you wanted. This leads to a situation of mistrust between you and your body that makes matters much worse and can extend the weight loss (weight gaining) process forever. It literally causes a vicious cycle that spirals down from negative thinking to negative emotions what always have a direct impact on our bodies and down to your subconscious mind whose job it is to bring everything you’re saying and thinking into physical reality.




Your unconscious doesn’t know that you’re saying or thinking these things because you don’t want them. It can’t distinguish between a joke and a command or a complaint and a command. To your unconscious every thought and spoken word is a command to realize. And if you complain about your body or weight, your subconscious mind mistakenly believes that this is what you want and obediently realizes even more of what you don’t want. And at the same time your body is deeply disappointed when it hears such harsh words about it and it stops cooperating and collaborating with you. But it’s exactly your body’s FULL cooperation and collaboration you need. 

Especially feelings of insignificance lead to energy blockages in our bodies what makes losing weight harder. Such energy blockages first have to be released before the body can begin to lose weight.

Now just think about, if you would talk about another person the way you’re talking about your body, would that person be motivated to assist you in your personal goals? Not unless she’d be a masochist. If you have pets you communicate with regularly, you know that they can understand you. Since our body is very much like an animal, it can understand you as well.

Just be aware that you’re not talking just to you. You are talking to your subconscious mind and to your body at the same time. Both have “ears”. The conflict between you, your body and your subconscious mind could not be bigger. So how on earth do you think you could ever lose weight with all that negative self-talk and the conflicts you are creating within yourself?

As long as you can’t look at yourself in the mirror in a friendly, gentle and loving way, I recommend you avoid looking at yourself in the mirror as much as possible…at least for the moment. At the same time take yourself a few minutes every day where you consciously look at yourself in the mirror and tell your mirror image what you like about her. There is always something beautiful in every person. This is the only way you can win your body’s trust back.

I know, this is not an easy assignment for many. I’m pretty sure that you’re going to have difficulties at the beginning. Please, do it anyway. It will soon get easier. And one day there will be the moment when you can look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re the most beautiful woman you have ever seen…and you’ll mean it. I’m not talking about the narcissistic way of thinking that you were the greatest person on the planet and show off whenever you have the opportunity. I’m not talking about arrogance and cockiness. I’m talking about real, deep, honest and pure self-love. That’s the moment when you, your subconscious and your body will become a team. And that’s the moment when your body can begin to realize its perfect  blueprint…slim and healthy.

Once you’ll cut through all the self-criticism, you’ll never be the same person anymore. Your self-image will have completely changed, and with it your outer body.

Just know that it will take your body longer than your mind to change. So please be patient with your body and don’t beat it up if it can’t lose weight within a month just because this is your wish. Take responsibility and be aware that you have mistreated your body with bad food and a lack of exercise, with your negative self-talk and a whole bunch of bad habits for YEARS. Now it’s time to get in charge and be a kind yet determinded “boss” to your body and subconscious. After all it took you until now to finally get in charge of your weight the right way, and you can’t expect your body to change immediately.

So be patient. Don’t push things. 

Have fun and enjoy the process. I’ll talk to you again next week. In the meantime please feel free to post your comments, questions and everything you want to share with me on this page below this article.

Here’s to your slim and healthy body,

Angela B.

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